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Dropbox and Nintex Partnership Maximizes Workplace Collaboration

Anthony Albano presented at Nintex InspireX 2017.

In today’s fast-evolving digital world, 10 years is more than a decade – it’s a technological revolution.

In 2007, email was the lifeblood of business communication. The first iPhone just launched. We were attached at the hip to our corporate Blackberries. We carried around countless USB sticks and deployed clunky FTP servers to send files. The Information Worker of 2007 created a lot of content but lacked the right technology to connect to and share their work efficiently.

It was out of this need to simplify sharing that Dropbox was born.

Now, 10 years, seven iPhones, and billions of unread emails later, 500 million users depend on Dropbox to easily conduct their business in a shared and collaborative workspace.

Last week, I presented at Nintex InspireX to talk about how our company has evolved to meet the needs of the modern workplace, explore the future of collaboration, and share details regarding our exciting partnership with Nintex.

Dropbox Past and Present

The evolution of the Dropbox platform has been iterative.

Since our inception, our users have told us a lot about our platform – and we have listened. We get thousands of questions and suggestions every day, and we’re constantly striving to address the needs and expectations of our customers.

For example, our users wanted to replace FTP with a secure alternative; we created secure links and file requests so only owners can see what’s being shared. Our users wanted to avoid file-sharing pitfalls like conflicted edits; we launched Dropbox Badge, an integration with the Microsoft product suite so users can see who’s making changes and avoid losing or duplicating work. And our users wanted to avoid email overload so we developed rich commenting features, which enables users to send a document with comments and elicit feedback directly from users.  Now comments can be resolved and needless email chains avoided.

Today, Dropbox is more than a tool for accessing content: it is a comprehensive platform for creating and collaborating.

And Dropbox continues to expand upon this platform, bringing new innovations to market and delivering increased customer value. Dropbox’s latest offering, Dropbox Paper, reimagines how people work together with a flexible, digital workspace.

Moreover, Dropbox Business users now can use the recently announced Dropbox Smart Sync feature (in early access) to view all content stored in Dropbox directly from their desktop while taking up virtually zero space on the local machine. Users can choose individual files or folders for availability online-only, locally on their computers or in a mixed state of both local and online content.

Our Partnership with Nintex

Over the last decade, we’ve evolved the original Dropbox sharing platform into a dynamic, collaborative solution that adapts to each user’s unique needs. What’s more, our platform-agnostic approach ensures the seamless integration with the tools you and your business already have deployed.

Our new partnership with Nintex offers users a powerful, cross-platform, workflow and content automation tool.

Through Nintex’s pre-built connectors, Nintex Workflow Cloud helps streamline document management processes with Dropbox Business. As Billy Blau, our Head of Technology Partnerships, observes:

Billy Blau

Pairing our Dropbox platform with Nintex Workflow Cloud, organizations can guide complex user-driven workflows, drive user adoption of collaboration tools for better business efficiency, and optimize the work experience for maximum productivity.

We’re excited for our customers to take advantage of these capabilities and realize the potential of Dropbox with Nintex Workflow Cloud.


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