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Drive Your Business Forward with Intelligent Process Automation

Nintex Director of Product Marketing Mike Lewis and Enterprise Solution Architect Brad Orluk presented a session called “Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Every Business Process Across Your Microsoft Stack” at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas on July 16, 2018. 

When we think about process automation, these benefits often top the list:

  • Time savings
  • Reduced busywork
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased compliance
  • A path to profitability

While these benefits are important, there is another major benefit that is often overlooked: the opportunity for process automation to help companies win business and drive revenue.

Leveraging Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) can be a key market differentiator.

I had the pleasure of teaming with Nintex Enterprise Solution Architect Brad Orluk this week at Microsoft Inspire to showcase an IPA solution designed to help companies provide business-winning service to their customers. Brad and I demonstrated a simple, yet powerful method of utilizing a full suite of Microsoft cloud-based applications to place the spotlight on a new revenue-driving hero in the organization: the IT Manager.

In this post, I’ll recap the session Brad and I presented at Inspire, called “Automate, Orchestrate and Optimize Every Business Process Across Your Microsoft Stack.”

Driving Revenue with Intelligent Automation

Safalo is a fictional commercial realty company that leases and manages office properties. They provide many services for their tenants, including maintenance of information systems and servers to fuel their clients’ technology stack; high-speed internet and phone service to run the front office;  and, most importantly, a quick response service whenever one of those systems has an issue.


Safalo’s IPA solution not only automates the process to allow administrators to quickly respond when an information system issue occurs, but also allows for the orchestration between multiple Microsoft business software solutions, including an AI solution courtesy of Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services.

This unparalleled service by Safalo has helped them to win new business – particularly in the technology sector – while charging premium lease rates and maintaining a healthy margin.

Here’s How it Works:


The Claim

Hector, an office manager at Adventure Works, notices that the WiFi isn’t working at his office building, which is managed by Safalo. The loss of connectivity means costly downtime for his company, so he needs this resolved as soon as possible.

This is the third time the WiFi has gone out this month, and Hector notes his frustration in his comments as he submits a simple web form describing the nature of the Information system (IS) issue to the Safalo team.

Hector’s submission is first routed to Microsoft Dynamics to update Safalo’s Adventure Works account and pull key account information – including contact and account information for the Adventure Works wireless provider, Comcast Business.

Next, the claim needs to be properly prioritized according to the severity of the issue, and appropriately routed to a Safalo account manager to personally ensure that Hector’s needs are met.

Hector’s comments are routed through Azure Cognitive Services sentiment analysis to determine the nature of Hector’s frustration. ACS will score his comments on a range from very positive (.01), to very negative (.02). This score – along with the client’s level of importance to Safalo per the account info from Dynamics – will determine the claim’s priority level and route it accordingly. In this case, Hector is very upset and Adventure Works is a top account for Safalo, so the issue is escalated to top priority.

The issue is then automatically routed to Richard, who oversees all IT services for Safalo. He receives a notification on his phone detailing the issue, providing the account information, and the ACS score. He can then choose an action to take: assign someone on his team to handle the issue directly, route the claim to a local technician, or send a support ticket to Comcast Business.

Additionally – Jane, Safalo Vice President of Enterprise Accounts, is immediately notified of the issue. She can choose to immediately contact the client herself, have the account manager follow up, or wait until the issue is resolved to check in with Hector.

The Resolution

Once maintenance is completed, a summary report is automatically generated using Nintex DocGen®.  The document holds key information, including a report of the issue, Adventure Works account information, and the steps to resolution. It is routed to Richard, Jane, and the account managers via Microsoft Teams, and archived appropriately in SharePoint online.

Now, resolving this immediate issue is one thing, but Richard and Jane would both like to resolve Adventure Works’ WiFi problems in the long term.

Thankfully, Richard utilized Nintex Process Intelligence when building his IPA solution. Beacons placed within the Advanced Workflow allow him to see all of Adventure Works’ past maintenance issues at a glance and grant him

access to vital information, such as the number of claims Hector has filed and Safalo’s response time resolving each issue. The data also shows which internet providers have fewer recorded issues, allowing Richard and Jane to suggest a more effective provider for Adventure Works to consider in the future.

The Result

Safalo is able to provide a tremendously valuable service to Adventure Works and all of their clients – all with a minimal number of dedicated resources. The automated service solution not only allows Safalo to better serve their customers, but it also keeps their operating costs at a minimum.

Jane and her team are, therefore, able to sell and renew more leases because their time and resources are no longer tied up in maintenance issues.

Hector is thrilled that Adventure Works’ information systems are running smoothly. Jane is busy acquiring new revenue for Safalo Realty. And Richard is happy that his IPA solution helped his company become more successful and profitable.


Want to learn how you can become an IT hero and leverage IPA to drive more revenue for your company? Visit Nintex at Microsoft Inspire at booth 401 to get a demo from our Nintex experts.

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is a Director of Product Marketing for Nintex. Based in our Bellevue, WA, office, Mike brings 13 years of experience in product management and technical marketing to the role.

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