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Drawloop® brings any document to any Salesforce Cloud

Look around your office. See all those people clicking away on their laptops? According to multiple studies, 80 percent of your peers are working on a business document at this very moment. Perhaps it’s a new sales rep preparing her first contract, your HR manager creating an offer letter, a member of your legal team drafting a partnership agreement, or some poor soul wrapping up his weekly TPS Report (you have seen Office Space, right?).

It’s a scene that is repeated countless times across the globe each day. And it’s a trend that continues to grow. While the proliferation of digital documents, email and cloud storage solutions greatly reduced the cost of printing and the need for mailing, it had the opposite effect on the quantity of documents produced.

We are creating more documents than ever before, and each and every one of them has a growing cost associated with it.

The cost of documents

Consider the use of the sales rep’s time referenced above. At a minimum, she must locate an up-to-date contract template, access customer, product and pricing data from multiple systems, obtain approvals from sales management and legal, ensure the draft reaches the customer, quarterback the agreement throughout the arduous redlining process, and if all goes well, obtain signatures, notify finance, and make sure the executed agreement is securely stored.

No wonder the average contract takes in over nine weeks from the first draft to the final signature!

What’s a business to do?

It’s time to face the facts. If time is money, documents are absurdly expensive. The catch is documents are the lifeblood for businesses of all types and sizes, meaning the only solution is to find ways to manage them as efficiently as possible.

This is precisely why thousands of Salesforce customers have turned to Nintex Drawloop DocGen® and Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation®. Historically, most of these businesses were looking to augment Salesforce Sales Cloud with tools to streamline document-centric processes that contribute to long sales cycles.

Now, Nintex is pleased to announce that we’re bringing the power of document automation to Salesforce customers using Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Government Cloud, and Field Service Lightning.

The new Any Document, Any Cloud offering enables just about any Salesforce customer to reduce the time, expense, and hassle of creating, managing, signing and storing documents.

Any document, any cloud

The reason for expanding into these markets is simple: Within every industry, opportunities abound to eliminate manual document creation and associated workflows.

  • Healthcare providers can deliver better patient experiences with simplified admissions, physician referrals and medical record requests, as well as automation of internal document processes like physician contracting and employee records management.
  • Retail banks can automate the voluminous paperwork associated with new account openings, credit cards, and mortgage applications, customer letters and more.
  • Local, state and federal governments can more efficiently and effectively service constituents with FedRAMP compliant document automation and online forms.
  • Field service providers can reduce time to resolution and provide better customer experiences by instantly creating documents such as field service reports, satisfaction surveys, and invoices.


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