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Don’t Get Leapfrogged: Focus on Digital Transformation for Sales Success

Digital transformation is real, and it’s happening – our data lends more insight to the state of the transition. It is an inescapable truth that every business is becoming a digital business controlled by software, which is the manifestation of these digital transformations.

As businesses continue to align around a digital culture, they need to invest in new approaches to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. The overall – but seldom-voiced – goal is survival.

Today’s modern enterprises are under persistent threat of digital disruption. Resulting in capitalizing on new ways to transform to digital businesses that exploit innovative technologies to improve the customer experience, enhance workforce productivity, increase operational efficiency, and adapt when threatened by rivals and new market entrants.

Customer expectations and buying habits have evolved in both the B2B and B2C model. Buyers expect seamless and consistent experiences throughout their relation­ship with a brand. They are quick to reward businesses that can deliver, and even quicker to abandon those that can’t.

Perhaps nowhere is digital transformation more imperative than within sales organizations.

Picture of Digital transformation leaders and laggards

With 68 percent of digital leaders investing newer digital platforms that enhance customer experience and business agility, companies that have absolutely no digital transformation plans will be leapfrogged by ones that do. This will result in businesses falling behind through higher operational costs, lower sales effectiveness and an inability to rapidly respond to competition.

CRM and CPQ with document automation and intelligent process automation to reduce friction and automation next best actions.

Where to start

So where do you start? With the process, the documents, or the data? Or is it the power of all three to maximize digital transformation?

Document automation technology improves information flow, the speed of transactions, and the accuracy of digital communications with contextual content while data enables prescriptive insight to recommend a specific course of action.

Documents – quotes, proposals, contracts, and beyond – play a critical role in driving improved business success. These platforms can turn what were once manual, paper-based and complex processes into sophisticated well-run automated experiences that intelligently extract relevant data, integrate with a wide variety of back-end services to enrich that information, and ultimately eliminate customer and company friction points. They fuel powerful intelligent process automation inside and outside organizations.

Technology is quickly becoming the catalyst for one of the most profound changes ever to occur in the relationship between individuals and the world around them. Digital leaders are embracing new approaches to best attract, win, retain, and support customers by leveraging the latest digital platforms to deliver a differentiated experience that is not a luxury, but a necessity for survival.


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Sheryl Kingstone

Sheryl Kingstone leads 451 Research’s coverage for Customer Experience & Commerce, which covers the many aspects of how customer experience is a catalyst for digital transformation. She oversees the company’s coverage of a variety of customer experience software markets spanning ad tech, marketing, sales, commerce and service.

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