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Nintex for good: Customers who help our global communities

This week I think we could all benefit from reading positive stories about good deeds.

Instead of updating you all on our 2020 Solution Innovation Awards program or sharing a new case study as I usually do in my posts, I want to highlight some Nintex customers that are doing good for our global communities. These organizations are leveraging various capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform to drive productivity, and best of all, free up time to better support their mission.

International Executive Service Corps

The International Executive Service Corps (IESC) is a non-profit organization that brings together the best of the US public and private sector, to spur economic development in developing countries worldwide.

IESC had migrated its workflows from Lotus Notes to Office 365, leveraging SharePoint’s out-of-the-box workflows and forms, but its staff and volunteers found them challenging to use and uptake was low.

The organization needed a better workflow solution and selected Nintex for Office 365 to support processes across finance, HR, and more. The adoption of Nintex Workflow resulted in a 350% increase in productivity for its invoice approval processes and drove a 10x increase in Office 365 active usage.

Thanks to Nintex, IESC’s staff is more effective and productive in supporting its mission.

“The more time I spend on the Nintex platform, the more I get out of it, the more I find features I can use to make our staff more productive and our organization more effective.”
— John Troup, Information Services Manager, IESC

Pay it Forward Scholarships

Georgia-based non-profit Pay It Forward Scholarships provides approximately $6 million in scholarships to fund private school education for low-income students across the state.

On January 1st every year, Pay It Forward has just 24 hours to input thousands of donors’ information to the state database so that donors receive tax break for their contributions. The organization was historically forced to hire up to 30 temporary data entry workers to submit all information within the 24-hour deadline.

Pay It Forward implemented Nintex PRA to automate the process of moving, copying and pasting all donor’s information into the online state database.

The entire project was tested, built and commenced in just two weeks.

“Nintex RPA made an enormous difference in our ability to enter all of our applications in one day and minimize the amount of HR resources we had to use. It took what was normally a very difficult day and made it a very easy one. We just let Nintex RPA do its job.”
– Cary Sinnet, Director, Pay it Forward

With Nintex RPA, Pay It Forward can submit 120 records per minute to the online portal – six times faster than human labor, and error-free.

Best of all, the solution frees up employee time on New Year’s Day so they can remain focused on their mission for the rest of the year.

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia Foundation

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia Foundation was founded in 1991 in response to the overwhelming number of displaced orphaned orangutans.

The organization focuses on reintroduction, rescue, release and habitat conservation in Borneo’s East and Central Kalimantan regions, where it operates two rehabilitation centers as well as conservation programs and release sites.

BOS Australia’s efforts are funded entirely through charitable donations and the continuation of the foundation’s efforts depends on its donors’ support.

A robust communications program is crucial to its donor retention. To support its communications, the foundation leverages Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce to quickly deliver “thank you” messages and other communications to donors.

With Nintex DocGen for Salesforce, BOS Australia keeps their donors informed and engaged, and helps ensure the foundation can continue to do their important work protecting endangered orangutans.

World Vision

World Vision is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for struggling communities around the world. The organization supports 40+ projects in 20+ countries.

The non-profit struggled with decentralized processes documented in different locations and managed risk via Excel spreadsheets. Some teams had well-documented processes and others had none at all.

The organization needed a better way to manage processes and risks to ensure better adherence and accountability.

World Vision adopted Nintex Promapp® process management software to centralize is documentation and streamline processes. Now World Vision is equipped with a centralized repository that is easy and intuitive to use.

“We’re all about becoming an efficient, lean, sustainable organization. Because we are a charity, every dollar counts and we need to keep our administration costs down. Looking at our current processes and finding ways to improve them, is really important for us.”
– Raweyn Ford, Business Analyst, World Vision

The more efficiently World Vision works, the “more good” it does across the world. Nintex Promapp has expanded access to templates and processes, simplified daily operations and freed up staff to focus on doing work that matters.


I hope you’ll agree with me that these are all stories we can feel good about.

It truly is amazing to think about all the good that Nintex customers have achieved as a community. To all of our non-profit customers and others – thank you all for all you do to keep our communities safe, strong, educated, and beautiful!


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