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Does Size Matter (in RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the ideal way to create dynamic virtual workforces that cut costs, boost operational efficiency, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Although the benefits of RPA are proven for many businesses, and it is touted as an integral solution for the modern workplace, we hear one question again and again: “Is RPA a realistic proposition for ALL organizations, irrespective of size?”

This is a really interesting question. Despite RPA’s clear advantages, embarking on an automation project can, at first glance, appear to be a rather daunting endeavor. After all, enterprises have to be prepared for a hefty upfront financial and time commitment that makes perfect sense for large companies, but it can be intimidating for small and medium-sized businesses.

One (RPA) size does not fit all

RPA should, and is, be widely available to any business, no matter what size they are, which is why Kryon has teamed up with intelligent automation solutions provider Virtual AI to bring an exciting new proposition to the market.

As revolutionary as it is in today’s automation arena, it really is  a simple concept: Full-Cycle Automation as-a-Service (FCAaaS).

A Match Made in (RPA) Heaven

The synergistic pairing of Kryon’s market-leading Full-Cycle Automation Suite with Virtual AI’s expertise in delivering bespoke virtual workforce solutions is the game-changing foundation upon which FCAaaS rests.

How does it work?

The Full-Cycle Automation Suite is the only solution of its kind that combines Process Discovery™RPA and analytics in a single, unified and easy-to-use platform, taking the concept of automation to a completely new level.

This unique approach – from discovering and mapping processes right through to optimization, development, automation and continual analysis for exceptional results – is the key to loading the digital dice in your favor and ensuring a successful automation venture from beginning to end.

Virtual AI infuse their formidable technological know-how into this automation recipe for success, turning the already impressive Full-Cycle Automation Suite into a fully managed automation service running 24/7 in a private cloud or in Virtual AI’s cloud infrastructure. To make life easier, Virtual AI create production-ready processes from scratch, rigorously tailored to each customer’s exact requirements. And if they so choose, clients can opt to build their own automation processes with Virtual AI’s assistance, tapping into extensive software libraries covering things like auditing, operational reporting, file checking, development guidelines and standards compliance and much more. You can learn more here.

Removing the (RPA) Barriers

By joining forces, Kryon and Virtual AI have completely changed the essence of automation. FCAaaS offers a quick and frictionless, way to start your automation journey, get up and running within 24 hours in most cases –with no technical skills required.

This flexible, consumption-based model is poised to take a sledgehammer to the high barriers to entry that previously defined the automation battlefield, bringing the transformative power of RPA within easy reach of any sized business.

If you want to learn more about how FCAaaS can help power YOUR business – no matter how large or small – to SUCCESS, watch the webinar, read the brochure or reach out for a chat

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