Why DocuSign Integration with Workflow Software is Essential

DocuSign integration with workflow software is allowing organizations across all industries to improve the customer experience and boost productivity. Let’s see why.

When DocuSign first appeared, it was revolutionary. No longer did you need to lose half an hour printing out a document, signing it, scanning it, and then returning it to the sender. Instead, in a few seconds you could add a legally recognized signature to a document without leaving your seat.

The brand and software has kept evolving. Today DocuSign integration with Nintex Workflows is possible via a connector, which makes it easy for your business to include a step in your workflows which will add DocuSign to your processes. You also can automatically add DocuSign to all manner of documents, making sure that the customer, colleague or partner is notified and reminded to sign them, speeding up the process.

Fundamentally, it makes the user experience with DocuSign even easier and boosts your organization’s compliance.

Why DocuSign Integration Makes So Much Sense in Workflow

Generally speaking, DocuSign is used with important documents—contracts, payments, invoices, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), and so on. These kinds of official records need to be stored securely; they need to comply with certain laws and regulations, and they need to be approved by various organizational stakeholders. It makes sense to automate workflows around these business processes so they are completed efficiently.

Let’s look at four key reasons DocuSign integration with workflow and content automation software is so important.

1.  Avoid Human Error

The act of attaching DocuSign to a record or official document is manual. The sender needs to remember to add DocuSign to the document, and then explain to the recipient how they should add their signature.

The problem here is that busy employees may either forget to add DocuSign, or may not even know how to do it – regardless of whether using DocuSign is the company’s policy or not. This results in signatures not being collected in a consistent manner, meaning you are not fully compliant. By contrast, if you automate the inclusion of DocuSign to documents, you will be guaranteed to collect those signatures.

2.  Sign Documents Faster

Even if you have created a smooth, sophisticated workflow using automation software within your business, once you’re sending something externally, the process can break down.

If your recipient still needs to print off your contract, non-disclosure agreement or invoice before they can sign it and scan it, all sorts of barriers can arise. They might forget to do so. They might be traveling and have no access to a printer or a scanner. Or they might not own one of these devices. As a consequence, an otherwise perfect workflow breaks down.

3.  Create Even Greater Consistency 

If you can create a workflow which incorporates DocuSign signatures, no contract, NDA or another sensitive document ever needs to be printed off. This means that your customer or partner will never need to do something risky, like print out a contract on a public printer where anyone could find it and pick it up by mistake.

Instead, by allowing someone to sign a document right from within their email and send it right back, no sensitive information ever needs to be let out into the world.

4.  Gain Greater Consistency 

By including DocuSign in your workflows, your business records are completed in a much more consistent manner. Instead of having a confusing mix of scanned signatures, JPEG photo images, paper files coming through the post, and documents signed electronically using various software, including DocuSign in your workflows means everything is signed in the same way.

There are no gaps and no customer or partner will forget to fill in every dotted line they need to sign. Instead, the process is fast, efficient and professional.

The Nintex DocuSign Integration – For Businesses That Depend on Contracts

Whether you’re a sales organization, a housing or rental business, a manufacturer, a legal firm or any other business that regularly needs customers and clients to sign documents, integrating DocuSign into your workflows can have a powerful impact. Instead of chasing clients for signatures, waiting for them to complete the process or dealing with inconsistent (and sometimes non-compliant) signed documents, you get a smooth and efficient process.

To explore how DocuSign integrates with the rest of your workflows around contracts, NDAs and other agreements, read our blog: Seven Features of Every Workflow Management System Should Have.


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Dan Stoll

Dan Stoll has nearly two decades of IT experience and currently serves as Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Nintex, the world’s leader in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). He has spent the last 10 years of his career helping organizations turn manual processes into well-run automated ones. Originally from Australia, Stoll relocated to the United States in 2015 after working as a Nintex technical evangelist for the company’s APAC and EMEA regions. Follow Dan on Twitter: @_danstoll.