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Do More with Nintex in the Cloud: Cloud Workflow Automation Solutions

Process automation is helping organizations define what digital transformation means for their business.

But rather than focusing on large BPM implementations that can take months and often occur in a black box, businesses are leveraging the agility offered by emerging cloud solutions. Nintex’s workflow solutions support customers in defining this transformation in their own unique way.

With more and more businesses adopting a cloud-first mentality, cloud workflow software has developed as a leader in delivering the benefits of digital transformation.

Workflow automation makes technology more accessible, taking something as sophisticated as system integration and process mapping, and giving users of all abilities the power to build and deploy with clicks instead of code.

As a result, organizations achieve greater efficiencies in their business processes, connect with their customers and create more satisfied employees.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

With Nintex Workflow for Office 365, you can easily automate any business process in Microsoft Office 365.

It maximizes the effectiveness of Office 365 by allowing you to design and connect workflows in a familiar workspace for users, eliminating the need for extensive change management.

And while Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is based on Microsoft SharePoint, it can connect to all your systems of record. Nintex Connectors securely connect Nintex Workflow for Office 365 with all your cloud services and apps. With simple drag and drop connectors, you can use your Nintex workflow to tap into and extend to Dropbox, Salesforce, Azure, DocuSign and many other applications.

This is helpful when you need to communicate with systems living outside of Office 365. Nintex Workflow for Office 365 breaks down barriers between people and uses cloud services to enhance your Office 365 experience.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

But what if your content doesn’t live in Office 365 or SharePoint?

That’s where Nintex Workflow Cloud comes in. The new cloud-based platform, launched in 2016, extends the capabilities of Nintex Workflow beyond the Microsoft ecosystem.

The power of Nintex Workflow Cloud is that workflow can function with a proliferation of connected applications.

Nintex Workflow Cloud opens up two areas of opportunity:

  • For users, it lowers the barriers to building and deploying process automation across any environment. It leverages the functionality of Nintex that was previously limited to SharePoint users and brings these strengths to users of all levels, across many different applications.
  • At a higher level for organizations, it makes process automation and optimization more accessible because any department in the business can make the necessary changes to their processes without heavy reliance on the IT department.

Nintex Analytics

So, you have automated your processes and the workflow is running. But how do you know if you have achieved the benefits you set out to get? Further, how do you optimize your workflow if you’re not measuring its effectiveness?

Nintex Analytics enables businesses to analyze, optimize and govern their automated processes.

It allows you to quickly measure the size, effectiveness and business impact of your workflows across two perspectives:

  • Breadth – Admin and ops professionals can gain critical line of sight into the usage, scale and operational effectiveness of process automation across the company.
  • Depth – Line of business workers can understand and improve their processes to optimize business impact.

Here’s how Nintex Analytics takes your workflow to the next level:

Increasing Visibility

Regardless of whether you house your workflow on premises or in the cloud, with Nintex Analytics you can gain visibility into the scope of your process automation portfolio. It helps you understand its size and scale so you can make informed data-driven decisions.

Increasing Effectiveness

Measuring and governing workflow deployment and engagement is the first step to improving the way you work. Nintex Analytics empowers you to proactively manage workflow use, allowing you to focus on the processes that yield the best results. It also identifies problems to help you improve operations.

Increasing Business Impact

Nintex Analytics demonstrates the impact of your automated business processes and provides insight to optimize them. For example, the ROI calculator shows you how your workflows improve productivity so you can use that information to bring real results back to your department.


Learn more about how Nintex Workflow Cloud increases productivity across industries and lines of business here.

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