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Ditch your paper forms to better run your business

For organizations just beginning the digital transformation journey, just knowing where to start can seem daunting. One fast and easy place to start? Ditch paper forms and easily digitize them with Nintex.

Thousands of companies around the world use modern forms with the Nintex Platform to transform previously manual paper-based forms into responsive dynamic, digital forms that can be accessed and submitted from virtually anywhere.

In fact, in the last two years alone, more than 50 million forms were submitted on Nintex Forms for Office 365. Digital forms allow organizations to quickly and easily gather the business-critical data, and make it accessible to those who need it right away. And if integrated with advanced workflows, digital forms can kick off automated actions to produce even more business efficiency.

In today’s blog post, we’ll explore three processes that can be digitized with Nintex Modern Forms.

Remote Data Entry For Field Workers 

Northumbrian Water supplies water and sewage services to approximately 1.3 million properties in the northeastern United Kingdom. To comply with environmental regulations and EU drinking water policy, Northumbrian Water must track the physical condition of hundreds of chemical tanks – even those 50 meters below ground. Before Nintex, Northumbrian Water’s field inspectors depended on paper forms and spreadsheets to track the status.

Now, thanks to Nintex Forms, remote workers record tank conditions digitally from mobile devices. Once recorded, the information is automatically routed to a SharePoint database that is monitored by business analysts to spot and address compliance issues right away.

Put your digitized form to action. Watch our how-to video to see how you can use a Nintex Forms to start an event in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Optimize Business Travel Requests and Approvals 

As an organization with a market presence in 110 countries, Ferring Pharmaceutical employees struggled with the company’s paper-based travel approval processes. To request business travel, employees had to submit a paper form for manager approval, and once approved administrative staff had to manage the storage of hard copies for documentation and compliance audits.

Using Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex Workflows, and Nintex Forms, Ferring Pharmaceutical has completely digitized its travel approval process. Now, employees submit travel requests through a Nintex Form which routes the request to their manager for approval, and stores the travel request and approval status in a SharePoint Library.

The result? Faster approvals, fewer delays, and improved data accuracy.

Make travel requests and approvals simple by setting multiple choice options in your Nintex Form with choice control. Watch the how-to video 

Ditch Hardcopy Timesheets 

Hamra Enterprises, owner of more than 150 franchise restaurants, required a simple and scalable solution to automate its timesheet process. Its legacy process required employees to fill out hardcopy timesheets and sent them to HR. The HR staff then manually added the time sheets to an import file for payroll processing – adding an additional five hours of administrative work each week.

In just one week with Nintex, Hamra Enterprises built an entirely automated digitized process for collecting and importing the timesheet data with modern forms and advanced workflow on the Nintex Platform.

Now, employees easily submit their hours into a Nintex Form which kicks off a workflow routing the hours to their manager for approval. Once approved, submitted time is automatically entered into the import file for the company’s payroll system.

Are you ready to build a digitized timesheet form? Watch our how-to video to see how you can use the date/time control function on your Nintex Form.  



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