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Discover the main process automation benefits for government organizations

State and local government institutions are always battling against the need to do more with less. As budgets and resources become ever tighter, the pressure of ever-increasing expectations persists. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it significantly harder for these organizations, both in terms of how they operate but also their ability to deliver the services they provide to constituents.

We know one thing is for certain: in a time of crisis, citizens look to government for vital support.

In this article, we take a look at how state and local government agencies can empower their own public sector employees with process automation, highlighting some of the main processes automation benefits for government organizations. When processes are streamlined, it can help resources go further and provide better services for citizens.

Time to move on from manual and paper-based processes

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, organizations had to adapt to social distancing protocols and remote working. The ease with which this could be done was in a large part due to an organization’s digital capabilities: how far they were on their digital transformation journey, and how many vital processes and systems had been digitized.

Manual and paper-based processes have been limiting state and local government organizations for years. But suddenly, with offices shut, and employees working from home, paper-based processes broke completely.

As we begin to move beyond the pandemic, digital processes remain crucial. Not just because organizations will no doubt offer more flexible working arrangements, but because organizations who have made progress on their digital transformation roadmaps can adapt better to future change and crises.

The role of process automation for government agencies

Process automation is a great way to set your government agency up for success. Provisioning devices for employees to work remotely is one thing, but connecting the dots between your people, processes, and systems is crucial. Replacing manual and paper-based processes helps employees to work more efficiently, especially away from the office.

The main processes automation benefits for government organizations include:

  • Overcome budget constraints. Automated processes improve efficiency, effectiveness, and citizen satisfaction.
  • Become more agile and meet the demands of new policy and public expectations.
  • Break down information silos and remove manual processes to achieve cross-agency coordination.
Want more in-depth information about how state and local government can use technology to be better prepared for tomorrow?

How low-code solutions can drive digital change 

Low-code solutions like the Nintex Process Platform allow non-developer users to carry out important digital transformation steps that would have previously relied on expensive developer resources. Rather than waiting for the IT department to make sweeping, general, organization-wide digital transformation, individual teams can jump right into automating business-critical processes.

When it comes to digital transformation, investing in the right technology is one thing but it’s also important to inspire the culture change that is required to sustain it. Another benefit of low-code solutions is that they can be the catalyst of this kind of culture change.

Firstly, by empowering each department to play an active role in digital transformation. Secondly, because low code tools allow users to pinpoint key areas for improvement. Not only does this mean that the value of digital technology is blatantly apparent for business users, but that you can target quick wins to gain momentum and a positive feeling around your culture for digital change.

Process automation benefits for government

State and local government agencies can become more agile and adaptable to change thanks to Nintex process automation software. Not only this, but they can streamline processes to increase the efficiency of resources, so that budgets can stretch that extra mile and accelerate better outcomes for industries related to health, education, safety, and more.

Nintex provides the full range of process automation solutions, from robotic process automation (RPA) to electronic forms, and from workflow automation to process mapping. Government organizations can manage, automate, and optimize processes to ensure that they are constantly maintaining value-add from digital transformation.



To learn more about the process automation benefits for government organizations, and why an investment in process automation technology could be the key to delivering better services for citizens, get in contact with the Nintex team today.




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