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Digitizing healthcare operations and improving client care with automation

In an environment concerned with stressed resources, automation can support healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers to ensure security and compliance for processes leveraging sensitive data, improved communication across departments, save time – and ultimately – improve patient care.

In this blog post, we highlight some of the many ways companies in the health and life science industry are exemplifying the benefits of automation and digital transformation with Nintex. 

Scott & White Health Plan and Insurance Company

Headquartered in Temple, Texas, Scott & White Health Plan and Insurance Company (Scott & White) is a health maintenance organization with a history of healthcare service dating back to the late 19th century. Today they serve more than 215,000 members.

In a process that took as many as four weeks to perform, Scott & White’s team would create networks by manually copying and pasting information from a similar plan into the new ones. Other processes had the same bulky, manual procedures that would occupy as much as 45 minutes each time.

Already leveraging Nintex RPA in other areas of the company, Scott & White assigned their “automated employee” to these redundant processes.

Nintex RPA now needs just one week to establish new networks in a simple copy-and-paste process. Establishing new pay classes now takes five minutes and is done with total accuracy.

“There’s rarely a day where there is not some Nintex RPA script running here. One of the reasons we’re able to be so productive with a small team, and even scale our operation quickly without adding headcount, is because we have an automated solution.”

— Chris Gengo, Director of Operations Systems, Scott & White

Read the case study to learn more. 

iNova Pharmaceuticals

iNova Pharmaceuticals distributes a wide range of market-leading, branded prescription medicines and non-prescription healthcare products across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

The company has an aggressive growth target. Since 2017, its executives have been focused on expanding the business through innovation in a variety of areas, including workflow automation.

iNova began leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Forms to streamline vendor onboarding that had previously been a decentralized, ad hoc process based on email threads and a variety of SharePoint folders.

As a result, the vendor onboarding process is approximately 30% faster than the previous process and provides status visibility to managers at any time, automated reminders, and routes submitted forms for review.

“These workflows are helping our business by standardizing and automating our processes, increasing accuracy, and enabling tracking and accountability. The longer our business uses Nintex workflows, the more business-critical they become in helping us to achieve our goals.”

— Sam Cumming, Senior Project Manager, iNova Pharmaceuticals

With Nintex, iNova can spin up complex workflows in just a couple of days. Onboarding vendors is just the first of many processes the company plans to automate and scale.

Read the case study to learn more.

Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

One of the largest in the United Kingdom, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is an NHS foundation trust of the English National Health Service, serving more two million patients per year across 50 sites.

Known for their forward-thinking innovation, Guy’s and St Thomas’ wanted a database solution that could link with Everbridge to help it meet the stringent requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act.

The foundation previously relied on a range of spreadsheets and Windows-based files that created bulky processes and did not provide transparency or readily-available information.

Working with technology partner, Velocity, Guy’s and St Thomas’ linked the power of Nintex K2 SmartForms with the power of Everbridge’s ER notifications system to create U.K.’s first-ever, end-to-end acute healthcare business continuity management system.

“If we had used normal code tools, we would have stumbled.”

— Justin Cuckow, Senior Emergency Planning Officer, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

As a Category 1 responder, Guy’s and St Thomas’ now has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate environment that can rapidly add in new risks and be immediately assured that all departments have action plans.

Read the case study to learn more.

Obex Medical

Obex supplies medical professionals with implantable devices that are used on patients in operating procedures and surgeries in hospitals and medical practices across New Zealand. The company has relied on Nintex Promapp® for many years to ensure its processes are standardized and all information is captured digitally.

Before Nintex Promapp®, Obex relied on long-serving staff and numerous dated manuals to determine compliance with the processes they had in place. It was manual, time-consuming, and the company felt it was an area of high risk for their business.

“Along with the advances in medical devices, thankfully there have been significant advances in standardizing processes too.”

— Ingrid Swaffield, Director of Marketing & Sales, Operating Room & Critical Care, Obex

Obex utilized Nintex Promapp® to standardize their processes and document them digitally. The tool has added value to the way the business operates, especially in time-critical situations like product recalls.

Nintex Promapp® also helps the company save time when it comes to keeping processes and policies up-to-date by automatically notifying the relevant people when changes are made to the documentation.

Read the case study to learn more.

Organizations across the health and life sciences sector can implement process intelligence and automation now to reduce costs, save time and deliver the most impactful experience for patients and employees.



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