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Digitization in business: Better post-pandemic experiences

For organizations all around the world, digital channels and frontline workers have been crucial for maintaining business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization in business – and the people harnessing it – are playing a massive role in the global response.

Instant, connected communications and consistent, reliable, and contactless interfaces have never been more necessary than in 2020. Empowering frontline workers in this way is now an essential part of ensuring they can do their jobs as well as possible, while maintaining a high standard of customer experience.

In this article, we’ll explore how today’s organizations are enhancing customer and employee experience with contactless interfaces and real-time communications.

Key trends in collaboration and productivity

In their paper 2020 Trends in Workforce Productivity & Collaboration, 451 Research identified five key areas in which organizations are increasingly benefiting from digitization in business:

  • High-value, cross-functional collaboration across business departments
  • Voice-activated user interfaces and intelligent assistants in the workplace
  • AI and machine learning in communication and collaboration workflows
  • Programmability in business communication and collaboration technologies
  • The role of frontline workers in driving digital transformation initiatives

The report explains that those who will succeed in the future are those that can provide wide visibility into/across work and processes, organizations who adopt a holistic approach to human-computer interaction and leverage AI, ML and programmability in the tools they use, as well as using real-time communication and collaboration tools.

In essence, the most successful organizations and workers are those with the most business agility and flexible, customizable solutions that can be shaped around their employee and customer needs. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of those needs must be fulfilled without face to face contact.

Technology-enabled, contactless, and safe

As a recent article in ServiceMax’s online magazine reveals, health workers are now able to capture patient information, including check-ins at drive-through COVID-19 testing sites, without needing face-to-face contact.

Simple digital forms and checklists are used to collect the data, which is then transmitted to those that need it via digital workflows. Documents, patient identification barcodes, and more can also be automatically generated by these streamlined, end-to-end digitized processes.

Healthcare is only one example – albeit an extremely important one. As businesses of all kinds transition back to offices and other workplaces, they face a new need to implement contactless processes such as those we’ve described here.

Because of the new distances between people, organizations also now need to ensure they can facilitate instant, seamless communication and teamwork between employees in a digital workplace and customers. We’ll look at that next.

Connected communications in real-time

In their report, 451 Research noted “a shift from siloed, ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions – e.g., unified communications and contact center – to an ecosystem that enables intelligent, communications-enabled workflows for customer and employee interactions.” They describe this as an “emerging software-defined business communications ecosystem”. This kind of digitization in business is exactly what organizations need to stay afloat during this period of recovery and beyond.

Areas such as help desk support and customer service can be greatly streamlined using digital workflows that connect customers and the employees taking care of them, as well as closing the distances between colleagues. Inquiries and cases are expedited when the customer or employee can enter their data into an online or mobile form where it’s automatically routed to the relevant parties.

In turn, those workers are automatically prompted for action and sent relevant information, as well as reminders to complete their task if they’ve forgotten. All the details of the case are logged for your records, and the case is resolved with much less time and effort invested than previously.

The result? No more backlogs and bottlenecks, no more customer dissatisfaction due to slow responses, and no more communications missed or lost in email inboxes, a particular frustration for employees in a digital workplace.

Get up and running without delay

The simplicity of today’s no-code solutions, such as the Nintex platform, means organizations have been able to quickly and easily set up and implement all this functionality and more. This intuitive programmability allows them to adopt “flexible solutions with programmable capabilities that enable organizations to customize customer and employee interactions”, as 451 Research puts it.

Organizations don’t even need to build systems from scratch, thanks to a wealth of process maps and workflow templates that can be customized to fit their needs. We’ve created a range of resources to help with business continuity during COVID-19, including a form template to assist with contactless visitor sign-in. And we’re also offering a free on-demand webinar to help organizations struggling to make remote productivity work.

The next level of digitization in business

At Nintex, we want to help organizations everywhere improve employee and customer experience, meet their expectations, make remote working work, and enable everyone to connect and communicate despite distances. We’re ready to get started when you are.



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