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Digital Transformation Unlocks Opportunities to Improve Customer and Employee Experience

Nintex debuted our latest research at Microsoft Inspire this week, highlighting the opportunity for channel partners to improve customer experience and employee experience on the path to digital transformation. The State of IPA study is to be released later this summer.

Nintex commissioned a third-party research firm, Lucid, to conduct two surveys. The first was completed by more than 450 U.S. decision makers directly involved in their organizations’ digital transformation strategies at companies with 250+ employees who hold IT, operations, or marketing roles in manufacturing, healthcare, or finance. The second surveyed 650 U.S. line of business employees at U.S. companies with 250+ employees.

The results show that company decision makers prioritize improving the customer experience (48 percent) first and foremost over the employee experience (29 percent) when budgeting for digital transformation technology purchases.

State of IPA

As the world’s leader in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Nintex believes this unbalanced approach to digital transformation strategy highlights a business opportunity for channel partners to further educate enterprise organizations on the role employee experience plays in digital transformation success, as well as to deliver best-of-breed technology solutions that digitally transform both the customer and employee experiences.

Focusing on customer success is critical for all enterprises, but we must not neglect the success of our employees in the process in order to fully realize the benefits of enterprise-wide digital transformation.

At Nintex, we believe that our channel partners are well-suited to advocate for both the customer and the employee as they provide robust technology solutions and services that help organizations around the world realize their strategic business goals.

The survey also reveals a disconnect between how decision makers anticipate new technology investments will impact the day-to-day activities of their employees, and how employees view their involvement in digital transformation efforts.

In fact, decision makers believe that half of employees (53 percent) are extremely likely to use new digital transformation-driven technology tools. The top reason why the same decision makers are focused on digital transformation is the anticipated gain in productivity (53 percent).

Line of business employees, on the other hand, see their company’s digital transformation strategy very differently—with nearly every respondent (97 percent) reporting he or she will use new tools implemented as part of the company’s digital transformation efforts.

When enterprises automate, orchestrate and optimize both their internal and customer-facing processes, they will move closer to their vision of a digitally transformed modern workplace. Additionally, the research shows that despite the relative newness of formalized digital transformation strategy, the majority of plans are notably mature and include incorporating process automation technologies (88 percent) to address business pain points and deploying process intelligence/analytics (62 percent).


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Eric Johnson

Nintex CEO Eric Johnson has more than two decades of financial and operational experience at mid- and large-sized software companies, previously serving as Nintex CFO from 2014-2018. He has a passion for customer success and ensuring Nintex is a great place to work.

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