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Did You Know: Demystifying the Workflow Document Package

Among the many benefits in your Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce Enterprise license, one of the most powerful — yet least understood — is the Workflow Document Package. This powerful feature gives you the power to automate tasks and workflows in Salesforce, based on conditions you create. Empower your employees by freeing them from mindless tedium!

This post kicks off a series in which I’ll walk you through the process of creating a Workflow Document Package from start to finish. Here I’ll give you the view from 10,000 feet; we won’t delve into specifics just yet. But after this post, you should feel comfortable and primed to begin.

To start, these packages combine three features:

  1. The “Drawloop_Next” field: Called “DL_Next” for short, this field is the backbone of the Workflow Document Package. Here, you literally tell Drawloop® what to do next. Creating the Drawloop_Next string can be quick, painless – even fun! Again, more details later, but for a quick preview, here’s an example from one of our own environments.Drawloop Next
  2.  An Outbound Message: In the next post, I’ll walk you through how to add the above IDs to the Drawloop_Next field. But this raises the question:  How does Nintex Document Generation know what to do with them? It simply sends a message containing the IDs from your DL_Next field to Nintex’s endpoint URL.
  3. A Workflow Rule: This is a rule that tells Nintex Document Generation whether to initiate the document package. In the example below, the Workflow rule will fire when a field meets your criteria — in this case, when Opportunity: Stage equals “Proposal/Price Quote.” Moreover, the rule will be evaluated any time a record is created, and will re-evaluate fields on that record anytime they are changed.

Workflow Rule

Now you know the three parts of a Workflow Document Package. Next, it’s time to create them! Stay tuned for the next post, where we’ll break down how to create your own Drawloop_Next.


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Alex Anbarcioglu

Alex Anbarcioglu is a Nintex Customer Support Specialist I based in our Bellevue, Washington headquarters.

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