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Develop resilience in business with workflow automation

If these last few months have taught us anything, it’s that organizations of all sizes need ways to keep the show on the road. In this blog, we’ll consider how workflow automation creates resilience in business, no matter the industry, the size of the organization, or the circumstances.

Work from anywhere

Even before COVID-19 disrupted normal schedules, remote working was increasing in popularity. One report suggests the number of people working remotely on a weekly basis has grown by nearly 400% over the last decade. It’s not difficult to understand why. Remote working offers the kind of flexibility that employees want. It also allows organizations to reduce their real estate costs. According to Gartner, by 2021, organizations will be able to support 40% more employees in the same amount of office space they currently use.

So, to accommodate this new way of working, enterprises have been investing in cloud-based solutions that make workloads accessible from any device in any location. However, simply implementing a cloud-based solution, like Microsoft 365, isn’t enough to create true business resiliency.

What do we mean by business resilience?

Business resiliency refers to the ability to adapt and succeed during unplanned-for situations. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown is an all too relevant example. Many organizations have scrambled to adjust. And while cloud solutions have been crucial to business continuity, there is a need to not only keep businesses going but to thrive. That’s where workflow automation comes in.

One of the most important aspects of remote working is communication. Without adequate communication, work becomes complicated and delayed unnecessarily. A solution that many enterprises found success with was Zoom. Zoom provides videoconferencing software and was an obvious choice for many businesses. However, the company struggled with the sudden influx of customers.

React, adapt, succeed

As we noted in our case study: “At Zoom Video Communications, Inc., the total daily meeting participants soared 30x in four months, with a 354% increase of customers with more than 10 employees compared to the year before.” The significant rise in demand for videoconferencing software meant that Zoom was overwhelmed and had to adapt their processes quickly.

Working with a solution built on Nintex Workflow Cloud, Zoom replaced its largely manual order tracking and management process. Their new solution integrates with Zendesk and Salesforce to automate steps in their workflow like order intake and provisioning. Automation has streamlined their processes to the point that the workflow now handles 90% of orders, helping Zoom to better manage their exponentially growing customer base. Today, their business has the resilience they need to handle any changes in circumstances. You can read more about our work with Zoom here.

Ensuring business continuity has pushed many organizations into investing in their digital transformation efforts. Digital transformation has long been the practice that helps companies cope with rapidly changing customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Not just surviving but thriving

At Nintex, we’ve been helping our clients transform their operations using digital workflows and automation for a long time. Over the last six months, we formulated a COVID-19 centric response to the increased need for easily deployable, usable automation solutions.

Resources like process maps and workflow templates were made free to help businesses get to grips with their requirements faster and make the changes they needed to make. We prioritized developing resilience in business and helping organizations get “back on their feet” quickly.

After six months of hard work implementing process management and automation to help organizations stay afloat during COVID-19, we’re proud to say that we received a 2020 Tech Cares Award for our efforts. This award celebrates software vendors that have supported clients, communities, and frontline workers with resources throughout the pandemic. We’re honored to have been recognized, although the real reward for our efforts has been seeing businesses that could have been shuttered by COVID-19 bounce back.

Resilience in business: life after COVID-19 

If there are any lessons to take away from the past six months, it’s that automation can be a lifesaver when the business landscape shifts rapidly. At Nintex, we’ve always valued giving employees the tools they need to simplify their working days and automate their tasks. With the stress many have felt during lockdown, we’re grateful to have been able to provide a lifeline for people when they need it. Nintex offers a workflow platform and sophisticated automation tools that can make the difference between surviving a pandemic and thriving during one. Get in touch with Nintex today to find out more.



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