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Demystifying document automation solutions

That title is kind of a mouthful, right? It’s not exactly a simple one. But in a way, that’s oddly appropriate, given this topic. Many people look at the phrase “document automation solutions” and feel a degree of (understandable) confusion. What does it mean? What can it do for my business? All good questions. And we’ve got the answers for you. But first, a little recent history.

The decline of the printed page

Even with the 21st century well underway, most businesses haven’t yet reached the long-heralded utopian state of paperlessness. However, many have moved much of their data and processes away from printed pieces of pressed plant pulp—and gone digital. Digital documents have gradually usurped the long-ruling descendent of parchment and papyrus to become the primary way all kinds of information is recorded—from contracts to content, to invoices and insurance quotes.

Digital documents cut environmental impact (because they don’t rely on cutting down trees) and they also reduce printing and postage costs. For the business, they increase efficiency and agility, because vital business information is no longer moving at the speed of snail mail but transmitted by technology in a flash.

“Okay, this much I know”, you’re thinking. Well, digitizing documents has brought many great benefits for organizations everywhere, including every example we’ve listed below. But here’s the catch: you still have to write these documents. That is, of course, unless you leverage automated document production.

Digital drafting via automated document production

Today’s document automation solutions, such as our very own Nintex DocGen®, give your typing fingers a well-deserved rest by taking much of the effort out of drafting documents. They fill your own pre-prepared and company-branded templates with all the necessary information, taken from your records, such as customer or order information. So, instead of having to create a new document and manually write out all the details or cut and paste from elsewhere, document automation does the hard work for you.

Not only does this save document drafting time and effort for employees, but there are many other benefits, including:

  • Eliminating errors such as typos and copy-and-paste mistakes
  • Ensuring that the most up to date and correct information is used
  • Promoting compliance with internal, industry, or government rules
  • Making sure that branding consistency is maintained at all times

But that’s not all. The most sophisticated document automation solutions like Nintex DocGen have the power to streamline and enhance the way organizations work in other ways.

Signed, stored, delivered

Document automation doesn’t have to stop working hard for your business the moment it puts a period at the end of the last sentence. Nintex DocGen works in combination with Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign, so if your document is automatically shared after it’s created, the recipient can sign it digitally with their electronic signature – which massively streamlines the approvals process. No more chasing down signees with pen and document in hand to collect their John Hancock – they’re automatically prompted for it.

And as well as automatically delivering the documents you create to in-house stakeholders or customers and partners they can also be automatically routed for storage once signed. Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, and other cloud storage solutions are all supported.

As you can see, automated document production is only the start. Advanced document automation solutions like Nintex DocGen go beyond generation to deliver value across a wide range of document-related processes. Let’s look at some use-cases.

Uses for all industries and departments

We could list all the different ways it’s possible to use document automation, but we’d still be here typing next week—and you probably didn’t sign-up for a blog that long. Let’s just cover some key examples:

  • Contract generation and management can now be much faster and more accurate, with approval, signoff, and distribution of documents all streamlined and expedited.
  • Sales quotes and other documentation may be automatically generated using the very latest information—all up-to-date and accurate—helping salespeople close their deals.
  • New hire onboarding materials can be produced automatically and delivered instantly, with everything perfectly personalized to the intended recipient.
  • Invoices, purchase orders, and payment confirmations may be made and transmitted to customers or suppliers at pre-set intervals, with alerts provided to your team on receipt.

We will stop there, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the endless possibilities where document automation solutions could come in very handy in your own organization. This is an extremely versatile technology so if you’ve got a process involving documents, chances are you can find a good use for it.

We highlight much more right here, on our ‘What is Document Generation’ page, where you can also see a selection of specific use cases.

Document automation solutions: not magic, still awesome

So, there you have it. Hopefully now phrases like “automated document production” and “document automation solutions” aren’t just complex-sounding technical mumbo jumbo, but instead they’re words filled with very real possibilities. After all, document generation isn’t magic, but it can deliver some pretty spectacular results. We’ll be happy to help you achieve them for your own organization.



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