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Automation in hospitality: transforming the food and beverage industry


The hospitality sector is made up of many different services, but one thing unites them all. Whether your business is a restaurant, a hotel, or perhaps recreation-focused, your most high-value processes are those that deliver for your customers. In the food and beverage industry, it’s essential to create and deliver products that consistently meet high internal and external standards.

Take the friction out of admin

Every industry can benefit from automating their invoicing processes. Manual invoicing isn’t only slow, it’s also prone to error, which can disrupt key relationships and cause further delays while things are sorted out.

Manual signature processes are another source of delay. Without the right signature at the right time, shipments are delayed, stock is wasted, and revenue goes down. Invoices don’t need to be a roadblock; automation ensures they are not.

So, whether an employee in the head office or a manager on the restaurant floor needs to sign off a contract, e-signatures can be executed in seconds. Disruptions and delays can be avoided, enabling employees to prioritize other important tasks.

Keeping standards high

Make better decisions

There’s no wiggle room when it comes to food quality and safety. In the food and beverage industry, organizations rely on vast networks of suppliers and manufacturers. Every supplier has to be vetted and every ingredient has to be exceptional. Food is often sourced from multiple countries, necessitating extremely tight turnaround times for deliveries. Keeping produce fresh requires careful handling and storage as well as multiple quality checks. With all of this in mind, organizations have a lot of difficult decisions to make and they must make them fast.

Safety on the go

With digitized reporting, it’s easy to flag potential problems and resolve them before your operation is disrupted. Making safety inspections available on mobile devices puts employees in control of the processes they rely on. If a refrigeration unit needs to be checked or adjusted, it’s possible to do this remotely. This freedom allows employees to be present wherever they’re needed. Intelligent digital forms can transmit essential data, storing it safely in the correct location for later retrieval. This helps businesses remain agile and compliant without extra administrative work.

Happier service employees equals happier customers

The most important resource for any organization in the food and beverage industry is its workers. Technology and resources are replaceable: great people, less so. Making sure that employees have not only the professional tools but also the human resources support they need has an enormous impact on their well-being and performance. Automation in hospitality can do much to support employees, beginning with an easily accessible HR portal.

Shifting to a digital culture

Digitized human resources processes can also help employees take control of their own information, manage their schedules, and easily request vacation or leave. In the food and beverage industry, many employees rely on rotas to manage their shifts: making these rotas available from their personal devices ensures that shifts aren’t missed, and arrangements can be made instantly, as required. Even if a company has multiple locations, with the right digital human resource processes, shifts can be managed and swapped with just a few clicks.

Improving the right processes

Clearing obstacles from your employees’ paths is the best way to provide positive experiences for your customers. But how can you ensure that you’re digitizing the most beneficial processes for your employees? Creating digitized processes is easy with the right tool, but organizations should assess where automation can deliver the most value.

In order to ensure your automation initiative is as effective as possible, process mapping should be a high priority.

Implementing automation in hospitality with Nintex

An industry that runs on efficiency and speed can only benefit from digitizing its workflows and processes. The Nintex Workflow Platform makes it easy to digitize key processes that slow down your organization. Helping service employees deliver high-quality products, the platform can fit into your processes wherever you need it.

  • Nintex Promapp® makes it easy to see how your workflows are built and where they’re broken. Streamline every process from the back office to the front of the house.
  • Advanced Workflow takes the pressure off employees to complete repetitive manual tasks, allowing execution in minutes or even seconds.
  • Modern Forms collect the right information with intuitive fields and store it in the right location for later retrieval.



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