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Deciding when and how to return to the office

While the world’s healthcare heroes, supermarket superstars and other essential workers have yet to skip a beat, many businesses investing in remote working, modified scheduling and even furloughs for the better half of 2020 are beginning to grapple with the prospect of deciding when and how to return to the office. And, much like how the physical versus virtual classroom conundrum is weighing heavily on families with school-aged children, organizations with remote or furloughed workers are now, too, becoming engrossed with safety and logistical considerations to reopening their physical workplaces.

Despite a business’s geography, industry or size… human resource teams and reopening task forces must primarily focus on two things:

  1. Adhering to guidance from legitimate epidemiological sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local health departments.
  2. Developing an accelerated and efficient way of distributing, collecting and tracking critical updates between your business and employees.

1. Decisions based on science…

Whether navigating a global pandemic or otherwise, every organization (ourselves included) strives to make the best business decisions possible when considering the welfare and well-being of their employees and stakeholders. Now more than ever, businesses should adhere to this principle while tackling safety, logistical and other workplace reopening considerations. Meeting aspirations of good decision-making amid a public health crisis requires you and your team of leaders to familiarize yourselves with current guidance from health experts, such as the CDC, WHO and your local health department.

At Nintex AssureSign®, when we choose to consider a return to physical workplace settings, we’ll look to these resources for reopening recommendations along with best-practices and protocols to mitigate potential risk. For more information on guidance for businesses during COVID-19, check out the CDC’s Resuming Business Toolkit and workplace guidance from the WHO.

2. Communication streamlined…

If and when your business decides to transition its operations back into physical workplaces, it’ll likely begin as a more moderated version of your pre-coronavirus status quo. This new normal will beget new (and critical) information needing to be shared between employees, reopening teams and your human resources department. These updates might incorporate policy changes, return to work forms, leave-of-absence forms, health pre-screenings and self-assessments, test results, legal waivers, and other informative documents.

Keeping up with this amount of revolving information in real-time makes handling these communications via manual or paper process impossible. Constant emails and email chains tend to get lost and do nothing to increase document completion rates. The only simple way to distribute, collect and track this volume of revolving communication is through digital automation, which—unlike pandemics—we happen to be experts on!

With Nintex AssureSign® eSignature, your human resources department and reopening teams can easily establish a communication channel capable of

  1. automating information relays between employees, HR and reopening teams;
  2. maintaining an organized repository of submitted documents; and
  3. tracking the document completion process among pending documents.

Need to send a document(s) to multiple employees? Bulk sending allows you to send a document(s) to all your employees at once and with only one email sending instance. With multiple solutions—eSign via Text, eSign Anywhere, eSign via Payments, eSign In-Person, and API/Custom integrations—and various signing methods, it only takes a few moments for employees to complete, sign and submit your documents! Accelerating the process even further is the versatility of devices that employees can use to complete and sign documents, including a PC, tablet, smartphone (via text message), and virtually any other internet-capable device.

Want to make forms available through employee self-service? Using static links, you can make forms (and the signing process) available on your intranet or wherever else online you choose to publish the generated URL (link). Anytime employees complete the forms via this link, they’re submitted and stored as an individually labeled envelope, keeping all employee submissions organized and separate!

Making a return to the office is a challenging consideration. If and when your business decides to return to its physical workplace, streamline and simplify the transition for everyone with Nintex AssureSign® document management and eSignature!



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