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Cybersecurity toolkit: Hashing 101

Implementing eSignatures is a true digital transformation for your company. While pen-and-paper may seem like the safer route, old-school signatures are actually easier to replicate and more difficult to verify than their electronic counterparts. eSignatures offer a fast, simple, and secure solution to guaranteeing your document gets signed when you want and by whom you want. That’s why we have spent almost 20 years ensuring your company has access to the best eSignature technology.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a peek behind the curtain to explore one tool in our cybersecurity toolkit: hashing.

What is hashing?

You’re probably more familiar with the term encryption, which is the process of converting information into a code to prevent anyone reading information you’d like to keep private. Have you ever used a secret key to unlock the coded message on the back of a cereal box? Encryption works the same way: any encrypted information can be decrypted by anyone with the key to to the code.

Hashing, on the other hand, is special because the process is a one-way conversion. When you enter a password on our site, for example, we run an algorithm to convert your password to a unique string of characters and symbols called a “hash.” We verify your password each time you enter it by making sure the hash matches – meaning we don’t ever see your actual password, and no one else can, either.

eSignature Security

When a document is signed electronically, we need to be sure of two things. One, that the person signing the document is the intended signatory. Two, that the document, once signed, is never changed. Hashing helps us do just that. We use the SHA-256 hashing protocol, and have since the very beginning. There is no known way to crack SHA-256, and every document that has ever been signed on our platform uses this secure mechanism.

Cybersecurity is the top priority for our team. We continually monitor and audit our technology to ensure we are bringing you the safest solution to eSignature transactions.



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