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Customizing your digital office with Dynamics 365

We’re pretty familiar with the efficiency and potential Dynamics provides, because we utilize Dynamics 365 for our digital office. Our webinar was created by Dynamics users, for Dynamics users, which is why we’re able to illustrate its benefit so precisely.

Now, we’ve learned after engaging with countless enterprises that no two enterprises are alike, ourselves included. What works for you, or us, may not yield the same success at Company XYZ. That’s the beauty of Dynamics! Elaborate customization allows Dynamics 365 to become the perfect solution for your business needs. Whether you’re distributing HR paperwork or sending out a sales invoice, Dynamics 365 offers adjustments to suit your needs. Below is a recap from our webinar, highlighting the customization potential Dynamics offers, particularly when coupled with our electronic signature integration.

  1. Customizing Your Business Process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with innate customization abilities to yield the current look and feel of your business. Setting up unique business processes, adding or removing fields and entities, and modifying other integration components allow you to retain complete control of your ERM/CRM ecosystem. Similarly, our eSignature integration allows you to customize document templates and workflows. What’s more, you can customize your email designs so that your signer will see your business logo and brand scheme, allowing your enterprise to remain front and center through the eSignature process.
  2. Custom Signing Options. Much like the customization offered with Dynamics, our integration offers a variety of eSignature solutions to fit your business needs. Email signing meets a variety of remote signing needs, yet SMS can be particularly beneficial to signers on the go. It goes without saying that all these solutions and functionalities coincide with our Dynamics integration beautifully, further enabling need-based customization
  3. Tracking and Analytics. Nintex AssureSign® offers a complete audit trail of each document sent for signature, all within Dynamics. Couple this tracking & analytics with Dynamics colorful dashboards to keep tabs on your documents at each stage of the document lifecycle.
  4. Custom Storage Options. With the Nintex AssureSign®-Dynamics365 integration, you can store documents in (1) Dynamics, (2) SharePoint, or (3) through linking configuration. These versatile storage options help to save time and overhead costs.

Our customization webinar ends with a few helpful tips that foster a smooth and simple integration adoption process.

So, whether you’re a medium-sized business with 100 employees or a fortune 500 company with myriad locations, our eSignature integration with Dynamics 365 has the customization and sophistication to meet all your business needs.



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