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Customer Spotlight: ITAC has achieved a company wide process-driven mindset

While working as a senior project manager for an engineering company in the 1980s, Sidney Harrison felt compelled to address the inefficiencies he saw in the industry’s project execution model. He knew that there had to be a better, more efficient way to serve customers. So, in 1988, Harrison founded ITAC with the dream to innovate the project delivery process and provide industrial clients with total project solutions for their most challenging problems.

ITAC serves process and industrial clients with integrated design-build services for complex capital projects. Headquartered in Chester, Virginia, ITAC is an ENR-Ranked Top Design Firm with over 30 years of design-build experience, a nationwide footprint, and 450 employees operating from 6 offices in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

The company operates through its guiding principle to provide its clients with a design-build process free of surprises in budget or schedule and following its industry-leading methodology, Assured Project Management, or APM®.

Although the design-build company had documented many processes, it didn’t have a standardized or centralized repository. Some processes were stored in binders, some in email, and some in their employee’s head from years of experience. Knowing the significance and amount of institutional knowledge that needed to be documented and centrally located, ITAC began looking for a digital process management application.

Finding the right solution

Ann Coker, Director of Project Accounting and Processes at ITAC, began evaluating process management tools. The organization’s engineering team liked the use of process maps, so they explored using Visio, but ultimately found it too tedious and clunky to use. Then came Nintex Promapp®.

“Process maps were a must for our engineering teams,” shares Coker. “Nintex Promapp® provided that functionality with written procedures as well, in a much easier-to-use and learn interface.”

Now that they had Nintex Promapp®, Coker and her team began the process of rolling it out across the business. They developed an implementation plan, starting with training a group of 25 employees representing each department. Then they dove into the “low-hanging fruit” processes: time sheets, PTO requests, and more.

“We know if our processes are on point, we can consistently deliver the level of excellence our clients expect when they choose ITAC. Nintex Promapp® helps us deliver consistently and drive continuous improvement efforts that enhance our client experience.”

– Ann Coker, Director of Project Accounting and Processes, ITAC

As the tool has been rolled out more broadly with more staff building processes in Nintex Promapp, Ann established a group of “Pro-Masters” to ensure those processes are mapped correctly and align with their standardize wording and format. The “Pro-Masters” are responsible for upholding the quality and integrity of the company’s documented processes – everything is reviewed before publishing.

Achieving design-build excellence

So far ITAC has mapped over 1100 processes and published nearly 500 processes with Nintex Promapp®. The company is constantly adding more processes to map or revisit depending on priorities – successfully mapping a larger portion of its operations department’s processes for selling services and project execution, as well as many accounting, procurement, and HR processes.

Learning how to use the tool is part of the company’s new hire onboarding training and used throughout the process. ITAC’s managers appreciate how valuable Nintex Promapp® is for helping educate the company’s new starters. The solution also aligns with the company APM methodology and helps train its new employees on APM and its significance.

Read the full case study to learn more about how ITAC used Nintex Promapp® to map and manage processes across its business.


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