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Customer spotlight: Hernando County Schools increased process speed and efficiency

One of the key differentiators between Nintex and other workflow automation software is our process mapping and management capabilities. Nintex Promapp® allows organizations to map, define and fully understand their processes before applying automation. In many ways, process mapping is the first step of process optimization.

Nintex customer, Hernando County School District is a great example of how organizations can successfully take this approach by first mapping out the processes they seek to automate and then applying automation.

How to boost productivity

Located on the central-west coast of Florida, Hernando County School District serves 23,000  students. The school district is one of the largest in the community – employing 3,100 staff at its 29 schools and facilities.

The district’s Facilities and Construction department needed a significant productivity boost, while ensuring legal requirements were met and minimizing risks. As staff depart and new staff join the organization, the department also needed to codify and preserve its district-specific knowledge and processes. The department realized they needed to both formalize and automate their processes to boost their productivity.

“We had to ensure that processes were documented and that we followed all our procedures fully and consistently,” says Jim Lipsey, Manager of Planning, Design, and Construction for the school district. In 2016, Hernando County voters approved a tax to fund deferred maintenance – a massive increase in budget for such work. “Now we saw a rapid increase in our workload—and no way to meet it with our traditional ways of working,” shares Lipsey.

Then the district discovered the Nintex Process Platform. Unlike the other options they considered, Nintex addressed the district’s full range of construction and operational processes with an 80% savings in licensing and installation costs.

First up: Building Permit Process

Hernando County Schools started by identifying its top-ten processes to standardize and automate. First up was the issuance of building permits. The issuance of building permits was a crucial process, and the district is responsible for ensuring that all its permits met building, fire, and life safety code requirements.

Barbara Mattson, secretary in the district’s Facility and Construction Department, led the efforts to automate the permit process. Mattson consulted with coworkers to identify all required steps and stakeholders– and then mapped out the process in Nintex Promapp®. Once reviewed and agreed upon, she started building the solution with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms.

Like many processes, the solution starts with a form:

  • Project managers, third-party contractors, etc. complete the form to initiate their requests for building permits.
  • Nintex Workflow forwards the form to a permit technician who confirms it includes relevant data and attachments for fire, safety, and third-party building code reviewers.
  • The application is then sent to the relevant reviewers for approval.
  • Once approved, the permit technician confirms the application is complete and Nintex DocGen® creates the building permit.
  • Nintex Workflow leverages Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign to request signatures from the district officials.
  • Once signatures are completed, Nintex Workflow sends an automated email notification to the project manager and applicant.
  • The requester picks up the permit package from the permit technician’s office and hangs the building permit at the worksite.
  • Now the construction project can begin.

The solution reduces employee document handling by 50% – freeing up its staff for other tasks to support their work. It also provides real-time visibility into the status of its permit requests.

Easy to learn – Easy to optimize

Mattson completed the district’s first Nintex solution in about two months. Perhaps more impressive, she did so without a developer background. Mattson took advantage of the free training Nintex offered at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to help customers needing to quickly automate and digitize.

“I took Nintex training and then found it pretty easy to put together the solution. I really like the idea that you don’t need to know programming or IT to do this. Everything’s built in. And when I was stuck on something, Nintex was right there with the help I needed.”

– Barbara Mattson, Department Secretary, Hernando County School District

In June, Hernando County School District was named the first-ever Education Breakthrough winner of the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards, thanks to this solution. Hernando County Schools Facilities and Construction department is eager to formalize and automate more processes with Nintex – starting with the remaining processes on its top ten-list.

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