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Use custom tags to align company values and strategic principles in your business processes

The pre-defined lean tags in Nintex Promapp® can be customized to align business processes with company strategy and values.

The best companies in the world are clear about their mission — why they do what they do. Their mission drives all operations, and constantly motivates their teams to go above and beyond and do an awesome job for clients.

Not all companies clearly communicate their core values throughout the business. Even fewer align their business processes with their core values.

I have visited numerous organizations in the last few years to help them become more process-driven. In every case, the organizations that got staff most excited and involved were the ones with the clearest core values. They had amazing cultures. They embraced continuous improvement. Often they proudly displayed their core values on office posters and walls. Those values — their “why” — were also built into their processes.

If you are clear on your core values and are serious about continuous improvement and process mapping, Nintex Promapp®’s tagging capability is a great way to build your core values directly into your business processes.

Customize the lean tags in Nintex Promapp® to include your core values

Create custom tags that identify your “why,” and tag your processes when they lead to outcomes aligned with your core values. Then you can use Nintex Promapp® to assess how well-aligned your strategy and processes are by running a simple core values tag report. Notice where those tags are prevalent, and consider which processes you’d expect to see but that don’t show up. Consider examining those processes to see why that aren’t aligning with the principles that drive your business.

Keep in mind that displaying the core values tags on the face of the process maps reminds team members at a glance which company values the process is driving.

Here is an awesome example of this involving a company I recently worked with. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), a New Zealand-based government agency that promotes energy efficiency and conservation, plans to tag their processes with their strategic principles.

EECA’s strategic principles are at the heart of everything they do.

A business process will be tagged whenever it aligns with one or more strategic principles.

Team members following a process will see those tags on the process map and always be reminded of the underlying strategic principle.

EECA can also use tag reports to track those principles, which allows the executive team to assess alignment between processes and strategy.

Clarity of purpose promotes focus and alignment and helps a company build deeper relationships with staff and customers. Linking your purpose to your business processes leads to more engagement, motivated teams, and increased customer value. Talk to a Nintex Promapp® representative to learn how tagging can help you sync your processes with your business purpose.



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