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Custom SaaS connectors & service brokers for K2 Software

Industry trends & challenges

Managing an array of disparate systems and modernizing a fragmented infrastructure are real challenges within many businesses. Most often, the missing link is integration. Companies are missing out on business opportunities or losing customers due to disconnected systems. Integration with apps and software that you currently own and use is fundamental and incredibly valuable in keeping your business moving forward.

K2 Software + custom SaaS connectors/service brokers

Nintex Partner Method Automation Services has extensive expertise connecting disconnected systems. Our service integration points are fully designed, tested and documented so you simply install, configure, and let the software do the work. The Method Automation team can build and connect your K2 Software application to a variety of proprietary systems or third-party vendors that are vital to your business and organization needs.

Get the most out of your software investments

Reduce expenses

  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of hardware acquisition and maintenance.
  • Minimize the cost of software licensing, installation, and support.

Streamline updates

  • Updates are handled by the provider and keep your software running smoothly and securely.

Boost collaboration

  • Easily manage, access, and share files.
  • Increased collaboration among team members and across departments.


  • Select the options and features that best suit your team and overall business infrastructure.
  • Maintain optimum performance levels allowing data inflows to be easily handled.

Key integration points

Build strength within your business using any one of Method Automation’s innovative integration points.

High-speed active directory

  • Authenticate and authorizes administrators and normal users.
  • Provide secure management and storage of information.
  • Enable high-speed search results by eliminating invalid accounts.

Twilio SMS/MMS text messaging

  • Send and receive text messages from workflows and SmartForms.
  • Respond to and action workflows directly from any mobile device.

QR codes

  • Generate QR Codes to insert into SmartForms, Microsoft Word documents or PDF’s.
  • Enable automated scanning as well as document profiling and management.

Other available integrations

  • DocuSign
  • Google Geospatial Service
  • K2 Software Actions
  • iManage Document Management
  • Thompson Reuters Elite
  • Medical Records Retrieval with Verscend

Additional capabilities

  • Service Level Agreement Calculation
  • Business Date Calculation
  • Manage Process Data
  • File Management


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