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Update on our COVID-19 initiative for state and local governments

It’s been just over two weeks since Nintex rolled out our program to help State and Local government agencies with process solutions related to COVID-19. Since the launch, I’ve participated in a number of sessions with State and Local government organizations that are utilizing Nintex to support their response.

In this blog post, I’d like to share some insights into what we are hearing from our customers on the frontline and we can help.

Catalyst for workplace change and transformation

The rapid spread and subsequent reaction to COVID-19 has forced prompt changes to our everyday lives both at home and at work. Government employees that have traditionally worked in an office with an occasional “work from home” day are now doing it full-time. With almost all desk jobs now being done remotely for at least the next month and possibly longer, government agencies are being forced to change incredibly fast.

Many of these organization’s processes are paper-based, manual, and require some level of human contact – whether for a wet signature or just to hand over the paper form. Shifting to an entirely remote work environment is forcing agencies to quickly adapt and create digital solutions to replace the previous processes. Two examples include remote or telecommuting agreements and procurement requests:

Procurement requests

Procurement requests and approvals are another process public sector agencies are working to quickly automate and digitize right now, as they now need to request and approve items for purchase without the ability to walk down the hall and get a wet signature or send via an interoffice folder. They’re having to build a solution quickly so their critical purchases can be made without delay.

Remote or telecommuting agreements

These agreements intended to ensure the supervisor and employee have a clear and shared understanding of the remote working arrangement remained manual because the volume was low. In recent weeks, we have helped agencies quickly transform their previously paper-based agreement process into an online form with an approval workflow and e-signature in just a few days. Looking to do this at your organization?

Discover  our template in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery.

Response to COVID-19

In addition to the everyday workplace processes impacted, we are also seeing uses directly tied to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly. We are working with customers on defining and building processes that didn’t exist just 90 days ago.

A lot of public sectors agencies are needing to quickly build and publish forms for the collection and processing of data. These forms are being built for use on public-facing sites to allow the individuals to request financial assistance or unemployment assistance. To quick this type of automation off in your organization, download our workflow template for Financial Assistance request from the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery.

Last month we also shared a great story about how the National Gallery of Singapore quickly sprang into action implementing a new visitor registration form in just one day to support updated business contingency requirements around COVID-19. The registration form, which is a precautionary measure in the case contact tracing is required, captures information from all of the Gallery’s visitors without putting additional strain on employees.

The last few weeks have been challenging for us all, but I’m proud of how quickly our team at Nintex has responded to our customers need’s and stepped up to help. It’s also inspiring to hear the innovative ways our customers are responding to this crisis with technology – and we’re proud to be a small piece of that.

If you need help implementing a workflow or forms solution, please request a session with someone on our team by filling out this form.

Stay well, everyone.


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Steve Witt

Steve Witt is the Director of Nintex’s Public Sector Business, where he works closely with partners and customers to leverage Nintex to empower citizen developers to solve real-world business problems. With an extensive technology background focused on no-code solutions like Nintex, Steve has worked as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Follow Steve on Twitter @splumberjack

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