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Cooling down the Hillphoenix inspection process with Nintex Forms and Workflow 

The commercial refrigeration market remains one of the hottest—or coolest—in the world. It’s easy to take for granted, but it’s crucial in a wide variety of industries.  Hospitals, warehouses, pharmaceuticals, and even data centers require refrigeration, and there is no alternative.  Refrigeration accounts for some 17% of worldwide electricity consumption, and there is a growing demand for energy-efficient refrigeration.

Hillphoenix is the leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerated display case and industrial refrigeration systems. They are a leader in energy-saving refrigeration products, driving sustainability efforts within the industry.  In advancing their offerings, they found themselves struggling to keep up with their own digital systems.

The process of manufacturing large refrigerated display cases involves a line inspection aimed at spotting product defects, reporting them, and fixing the situation. Inspections had been done from memory, using paper records, which was slow, error-prone, and didn’t provide adequate tracking. Hillphoenix wanted to embrace the digital era and find a solution that would address all those shortcomings.

Lean Six Sigma   

The quality team at Hillphoenix wanted to push digital transformation based on two foundations of the Lean Six Sigma methodology: eliminating waste and reducing defects. In addition, they wanted to improve their data accuracy and reporting within the inspection line.

Lean Six Sigma is a data-focused methodology that companies implement to improve the quality of routine processes.  Specifically, a process can’t generate more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. Previously, Nintex assisted the TD Bank Group in using Nintex Workflow to execute a Six Sigma strategy to improve processes and service quality.

Hillphoenix brought in Office 365 Consultant Mike Walsh to implement a digital solution that eliminates overcomplicated processes. The IT team at Hillphoenix built a mobile inspection application that ensures every aspect of a unit is examined, defects are recorded with standardized terminology, and pictures can be captured and electronically attached to the inspection record.  Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow help streamline the inspection process and ensure that it is detailed and consistent.

Since the Nintex Solution was introduced, Hillphoenix employees have embraced the digital era and transformed many processes within the company, reaping benefits. Results since the implementation in Q2 of 2018 include:

  • 20% decrease in defects per unit
  • 17% decrease in warranty claims
  • Improved accuracy of inspection data
  • Empowered real-time reporting for quicker results
  • Executed over 3,000 inspections in one month

“Transforming this process with Nintex helps us reach our quality goals — eliminate waste and reduce defects. With Nintex we’re able to enforce and standardize the process. Our inspectors are more efficient, our data is more accurate and readily available, and we are embracing digital transformation. All of this helps reduce our costs, improve the quality of our products, and ultimately improve our customer experience and satisfaction.”

Justin Parker, Quality Manager, Hillphoenix


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