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Content marketing automation: Run your content like clockwork

This is a blog about blogs. Well, actually, it’s about content—of which blogs are just one type, but since it’s the type of content you’re reading right now, let’s start there.

Blogs, case studies, and other content don’t just appear out of thin air—there is a range of processes involved. These processes can be improved with the power of content marketing automation – so you can get your content from idea to execution in a more efficient and effective way, measure results, and track leads.

First of all, let’s start by looking at content creation.

A typical content creation process

Many organizations’ content creation process often goes as follows:

  • Content ideas are devised by one or more members of the marketing team
  • Ideas are then forwarded to the head of marketing (for instance) for approval
  • Once approved, team members create the content
  • Finished content is forwarded to other team members for editing/review
  • After reviews, content is then reassigned back for amendments
  • Marketing team members make the suggested amendments
  • Content is assigned to other team members for proofreading/checking
  • After these checks, content goes to the head of marketing for final signoff

That may sound quite lengthy and convoluted, but it’s how organizations ensure content is of a high standard and error-free. And I’ve actually simplified it here – there could be many more steps and participants at play.

SEO specialists may be enlisted to optimize content after it’s created or perform keyword research for writers to use. And if the content includes visual elements, even as simple as a single image to accompany the post, then a graphic designer is often called upon.

Sticking to your schedule

Content creation has to be carefully managed and scheduled, and so does publishing the content: someone has to load it all into WordPress, YouTube, or whichever platform you’re using, and ensure it’s launched at the appropriate time and properly coordinated with other content.

That’s a lot of moving parts and participants – and a lot of potential for errors, and inefficiency to arise. If one team member forgets to tell another that they’ve completed one phase (e.g., approving an idea), the entire process might be stalled there, which can throw off your entire timeline. Or one person might easily edit or proofread the wrong blog, not knowing that step has already been performed by a colleague.

Content marketing automation cuts out the chaos and ensures everyone plays their parts in an efficient and effective manner. It helps keep your content calendar on track and produce the best possible material. Here’s how.

Expediting content creation

Previously, organizations have relied on staff’s time, efforts, and attention to keep content creation on track. Employees have to remember to keep their colleagues in the loop and stay up to speed themselves, and the entire process often has to be micromanaged.

However, one of the key content marketing automation benefits is that technology can now do the hard work. By creating automated workflows to manage content creation, each participant just has to concentrate on their responsibilities. When they’ve done them (e.g., written a blog), they can simply click “Done” and the next participant is automatically sent an alert that they’re needed (for instance to edit the blog). The task is routed to everyone when their attention is needed and expedited all the way to completion.

By digitizing the management and operation of your content schedule and content creation, much of the potential for unnecessary holdup and mistakes is removed. And, as I’ll explain next, content marketing automation can also help ensure your content is performing well and delivering what your business needs it to.

Streamlining reporting and lead management

Once your content has been published, you should measure its impact:

  • How many views is your content receiving?
  • Who is viewing your content?
  • How many contacts or downloads has it achieved?

With a platform like Nintex Workflow Cloud®, you can integrate all the data from your web analytics or CRM platform to create detailed reports at pre-defined intervals. Document generation capabilities mean that these reports can even be created using your own in-house templates, and the documents can then be automatically delivered to key stakeholders.

Then, when a lead is acquired, you can even use workflows to automatically alert members of the sales team, so they can follow it up. They can receive all the relevant information they need: which blog post/downloadable the lead has engaged with, whatever details the lead provided about their needs/inquiry/business, and more.

Content marketing automation has the power to provide greater ease, insight, and effectiveness right across the lead generation funnel – from the moment a content idea is devised to the moment your sales team contacts a lead.

Starting to see the possibilities of content marketing automation?

These are just a few of the possible applications and marketing automation benefits. Depending on your organization’s content marketing initiatives/processes, and the types of content you’re using, this technology may hold even greater value.

Versatile low-code platforms such as Nintex Workflow Cloud allow you to start automating all kinds of content marketing processes quickly and easily. Once your processes are made perfect, you can really start making your content offering shine.



If you’d like to discuss how your organization can harness the power of content marketing automation, just get in touch with the team at Nintex.



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