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How Construction Management Firm Hourie Manages Change Requests with Nintex

Hourie, a large construction management company in Lebanon, faces a challenge common to construction companies: How to manage change requests for complex construction projects.

Hourie sought an easy and intuitive technology solution that would allow large teams comprised of project managers, contractors and field workers to seamlessly execute change requests without derailing project timelines.

The company’s construction projects, like any across the globe, face a high volume of change requests that require careful and clear communication between multiple teams.

Hourie has successfully found an intuitive, scalable and digital solution in Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for SharePoint.

I recently spoke with Hourie’s Senior R&D Engineer Ruwayn O. Murad to find out more about his company’s experience using workflow and content automation technology from Nintex to deliver innovative user experiences and drive business growth.

Here’s what he had to say:

How does Workflow and Content Automation technology help make work easier and more efficient in the construction industry?

“Unlike other industries, where a completed form finishes a process, the construction industry is much more complex.

In fact, when a form is completed, a new process begins and requires multiple people across different teams to order, track, receive, install and test the various components of a building.

That’s where Nintex is essential.

A Nintex workflow accelerates processes and reduces errors because we don’t have to chase down the status of a task. Instead, we can focus on the deliverable or action that the form was intended to drive in the first place.”

Why is the Nintex Workflow Platform so important for correspondence management?

“Nintex workflows enable our organization to streamline communication between different parties with ease and clarity.

In construction, we have a complex and specialized method of communication between teams. Nintex workflows allow us to easily configure notifications to our specific needs.”

What qualities or features about the Nintex Workflow Platform make it easy to use, especially for people without a technical background?

“Overall, Nintex is just easy to understand.

Nearly everyone working on a construction project – even those who are not technical – quickly learn how to use Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for SharePoint.

The technologies are designed for the end-user, so overall it offers an intuitive experience.”

What are your future plans with Nintex?

“Before implementing the Nintex Workflow Platform, gathering data and status reports for projects was very time-consuming and done on a case-by-case basis.

We want to give each employee at Hourie the ability to see reports and dashboards summarizing the various forms and workflows within projects. We want to deliver insights around the status of respective forms.”


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