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Constructing a Center of Excellence

Did you watch the Olympics? What an exciting year for athletes all over the world. The Olympic track events are always a crowd favorite. Watching athletes push the human body to run at record-breaking speeds – it’s incredible and inspiring!

I’m reminded that it’s the same for businesses. Businesses of all sizes and in every single industry are experiencing the same challenge – the need for speed, or to grow FAST. One of the key factors to quick growth is the velocity of which your organization can innovate.

So, the question arises – what can a business do to innovate faster? Connect with expensive consultants? Hire more employees? Find and attend strategic events? These things could work but they are costly, both in time and money, without a guarantee that they will move the needle.

The answer lies closer to home – in fact, you most likely already have the necessary resources. A quick look around your organization proves that you do indeed have the expertise to innovate faster. It lies within the brains, thoughts, and ideas of your employees. However, there are a lot of factors as to why your employees are unable to share their knowledge and expertise. They may be too buried in manual processes or perhaps communication between departments is more siloed, or maybe the company culture doesn’t cultivate opportunities for employees to share.

One of the most effective (and valuable) ways to gain access to expertise is through a Center of Excellence (CoE). A CoE is a dedicated team (that includes members from all parts of your organization) that provides leadership and direction, standardizes best practices, and delivers support for a specific focus area within your organization. Its purpose is to improve align the organization in order to drive innovation and improvement.

Great! But what should the CoE focus on to free up employees to share their expertise and innovate? Glad you asked! A great first step is to create a CoE to focus on process automation: evaluating what processes could be automated, identifying areas where employees are taking multiple steps to complete an action, creating a process automation governance for your organization, and partnering departments together to streamline workflow.

The results not only help employees be more innovate and creative in their roles, but a Process Automation CoE:

  1. Creates organizational structure that encourages the different members to measure, experiment, and push each other (and ultimately, the organization) forward
  2. Up-levels your organization to think strategically about processes and the role automation plays in your organization
  3. Unifies the various departments within your organization, which is key for advanced and fast innovation.

This type of CoE, focused on process automation, can be a powerful way to remove time-wasting blockers and provide employees all over your organization the opportunity to focus on creation and innovation. Ultimately, this CoE helps to align the entire organization around transformational business goals, rather than individual department metrics.

Oh and by the way, it’s never too late to start this process. You can begin a CoE at any time along your journey and we’d love to help. In order to learn more about the benefits of a CoE and how to establish your own, join the Nintex Center of Excellence group on Nintex Community.

This new group discusses topics like “How to measure the success of a CoE” and “How to fund a CoE” and if you don’t see the answer that you’re looking for then you can pose a new question to members of the Nintex Community.



If you’d like to discuss how Nintex can help your organization innovate faster and improve processes, get in touch with us today.



Josh Waldo

Nintex CCO, Josh Waldo, has 20-plus years of experience leading teams across customer success, customer support, product marketing, field marketing and partner marketing & programs at leading organizations that include Nintex, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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