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Consider sharpening your bot skills

Workplace collaboration between humans and software robots promises greater efficiency, better compliance, and fewer errors. Such benefits are driving massive adoption of robotic process automation solutions.

Grandview Research estimates the RPA market will surge to nearly $9B by 2024, while Gartner predicts that 40% of large enterprises will adopt RPA by 2020. 

 The surge in bots has raised fears that they will automate many jobs out of existence. This is understandable, but also predictable and probably not realistic.

The same thing has occurred with the introduction of each new wave of technology, from locomotives to cars to industrial machines. But with each wave, as some roles were no longer necessary, enormous numbers of new roles sprang up — factory supervisors, machinists and mechanics, logistics experts, and many more — each requiring unique set of skills.  

RPA and process automation will be the same way, creating many new career opportunities. The question becomes, how can you tap into the enormous growth occurring in this field? The key is to expand your skills and position yourself to be in demand in the rapidly changing business environment. One way is to understand the three pillars of effective process automation — manage, automate, and optimize — and recognize that there will be increasing demand for people skilled in these disciplines. 

This is fertile ground for those who take advantage of opportunities to learn, practice and eventually gain certification in technologies such as workflow and RPA. 

Sounds great, but where to start?  

Join us at Nintex ProcessFest®the hands-on user training conference being held Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 in Bellevue, Washington. It will be a great opportunity to learn in-depth about the Nintex Process Platform and, specifically, to get trained and certified in automation skills that will catch the eye of a future employer.  

Within a span of four days, you can get deep training in industry-leading tools that will set you apart from the competition and give you the opportunity to test your new skills to receive sought-after certifications. This is an event with several thousands of dollars’ worth of training classes and certification exams available for a fraction of their regular cost.  

In addition to training and certification, at Nintex ProcessFest® you’ll discover insights from experts at Forrester Research, IDC, and Aragon, and learn directly from major enterprises how they found success in process management and automation, including RPA.  

You’ll also be able to network and socialize with peers at other companies who, like you, are enhancing their value by sharpening their skills with the Nintex platform. There is no better time to position yourself for career growth by jumping head first into the opportunities made possible by process automation. 


Harry Lauer

Harry is a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, located in the Bellevue, WA office. With a passion for product marketing and 25 years of experience leading marketing initiates and go-to-market strategies, Harry enjoys crafting compelling messaging and developing campaigns that grow the business.

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