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“Get the small stuff done” so your community bank can think big

It’s the small endeavors that build relationships, like everyday customer service and community outreach efforts. These initiatives lead to big outcomes, such as when customers need an auto loan or need help when sending their children off to college.

The customer care and service component are integral to banking at the community level. People who care and pay attention to detail know that something as simple as holding the door for someone is a small act of kindness that can make a big impression.

These bankers build and maintain trust daily, but their day-to-day operations obviously require maintenance as well. It’s a double-edged sword: you need to build relationships, but also sell loans, increase deposits, etc. Time with loyal customers is essential, but business demands never go away.

To balance these needs, you must find ways to reduce your manual work and focus on spending valuable time with your customers to build the community’s confidence in your institution. There are a variety of ways to tackle this challenge including hiring additional staff, updating your software systems or implementing an automation solution to streamline efficiencies.

While all three can be excellent options to improve your bank’s operations, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software solution is a very cost-efficient way to get the ball rolling and achieve growth without “breaking the bank.”

High tech for high touch

When looking for ways to improve your day-to-day operations, look for a tool that frees up your bank personnel from the back-end manual processes and gets them to the front of the house. Make sure any software you look into integrates with other third-party applications.

With a technology tool such as RPA, your community bank can expand both your footprint and bottom line simultaneously. RPA software allows community banks to grow through acquisition and not worry about the costs from a conversion standpoint or the difficulty in finding the right personnel in smaller markets with more limited labor pools. Community banks can simply add automated employees©, i.e., RPA software, and get the best of both worlds: quick, effective business expansion with the same dedicated customer-service approach.

The best bank employee is a happy one, and the best financial institutions, especially in the service-centric community banking space, have happy workers who are as unencumbered as possible by mundane tasks. Community banks can leverage new technologies to remove the most menial of data operations tasks from daily job responsibilities. The automated employee gets small stuff done so community banks can maximize both their resources and business position.



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