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Come together: Nintex looks ahead at a unified business solution

Looking into the future is an uncertain art at the best of times, but any enterprise knows that without a strategic direction, operations can quickly flounder.

Nintex has a strong roadmap for its products, tied to a clear sense of the ongoing evolution of modern business, and a deep commitment to its customers. Zoe Clelland, Vice President of Product Management, shared a little of what that direction might look like for the Nintex suite of products recently.

“The power of Nintex is in its breadth,” Zoe says. “Not every business challenge can be solved with just one product. Digital transformation requires the right tooling and Nintex provides a ‘tool kit’ for business processes and automation.”

Find the right fit for your business challenge

For Zoe, Nintex aims square at the heart of the age-old problem of limited capabilities. “If you only have a hammer, every problem is going to be looked at as a nail,” she explains.

“While workflow automation or RPA are powerful examples of business solutions, they don’t necessarily suit every circumstance. And the only thing worse than not automating your processes for efficiency and productivity is automating a sub-optimal process in the wrong way.

“In many cases, the solution might simply be better management of the process, so users can see the fundamental activities more clearly and apply improvements as they become clear.

“Until you understand the problem space, how it should be addressed and which capabilities can best serve your specific needs, businesses risk wasting resources and opening themselves up to potential breakdowns or errors.”

That’s why Nintex strives to be a complete business platform for managing, automating, and optimizing business processes.

“Across the suite of Nintex solutions and capabilities, business users can determine the scope of the problem space, the people and systems involved, leverage the right capabilities for their needs, and implement those solutions in the most cost effective way,” explains Zoe.

“Making our platform capabilities look and feel familiar and consistent is critical to ease of use, reducing the learning curve as you leverage new parts of the platform, and allowing you to work seamlessly between the various Nintex products.

“Unifying is about joining the dots across our suite of products,” she adds. “It’s about a platform that lets users share relevant data across the portfolio, wherever they’re working. They’ll have a familiar and intuitive interface across the features, and it will support true digital transformation on any scale.”

Bring everyone on board

Zoe reports that Nintex is already starting to roll out consistent designs and paradigms across all Nintex products and users will continue to see greater integration between capabilities.

“A critical point is that we aren’t just focused on a single persona or role like an IT pro. We’re also laser-focused on bringing business leaders and less technical users to the table to leverage the value of all that Nintex has to offer.”

That’s an important goal because, as Zoe points out, the worlds of process management, automation, and business operations have been siloed for too long.

“We want to invite more people in,” she says, “to have a seat at the ‘digital transformation’ table and see how we can make their lives easier.”

Automation solutions have traditionally been the domain of the IT department, regardless of where those automations end up being implemented, but Zoe is well aware that technical teams are often overloaded, and not the only ones who want to work with process solutions.

“We’ve always served the IT professional, but we’re really thinking about what our business stakeholders need, too,” she says. Nintex has everyone from process experts and operations executives to end-users in mind. As the Nintex suite of products evolves and comes together, she sees the platform opening up greater opportunities for cross-functional cooperation and success.

Breaking down those barriers between functions and teams can only serve businesses better. As process excellence becomes a focus beyond just operations or outside consultants, and automation starts to draw interest from outside IT, there is potential for new thinking and innovative implementation.

A unified Nintex Process Platform

Some find the possibility of new functionality and tools threatening, but ultimately it’s intended to give them the freedom to make what they do easier and more effective. Zoe is passionate about helping everyone from end-users to CIOs understand their place in improving business processes, with the full suite of tools.

“It is not a walled garden,” she says, referring to the world of automation solutions that can seem threatening and mysterious to those outside of the IT department.

“There’s no ivory tower. You own this business; you can drive it and you can tell the stories of what it could be with this technology at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter what your specialty has been; you have a seat at this table.”

As with any product, there is a long road ahead to fully realize the capabilities of the unification project, but Zoe is excited to be on the journey and eager to see the benefits begin to roll out to users.

“Unification across Nintex is going to open up a number of opportunities for our customers,” she says. “There are going to be some very exciting conversations coming up, and we’re looking forward to exploring that potential.”



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Zoe Clelland

Zoe Clelland works as VP of Product & Experience, where she leads product management efforts across the Nintex Workflow Platform. She brings more than 15 years of defining every aspect of amazing digital user experiences to her role. Zoe holds a Ph.D. in Human Factors, Experimental Psychology from Texas Tech University.

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