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Nintex K2 sees uptick in Cloud adoption for business process automation

In today’s changing IT landscape, executives are no longer looking at the cloud as just a tool to leverage their infrastructure. Rather, more and more organizations are turning towards cloud offerings to strategically move forward their digital transformation goals.

In the year since we released Nintex K2 Cloud, we’ve seen a strong uptake in adoption, including a 66 percent increase in cloud customers. These people are not only looking to move their systems to the cloud but wanting to do more once they’re there – seeking ways to disrupt processes and deliver business applications faster than ever.

Moving to the cloud allows organizations to refocus money and resources towards innovation rather than maintenance. Within Nintex K2 Cloud, we’re seeing a wide range of use cases aimed at improving efficiency. Just in the last year, Nintex K2 Cloud customers have already built 4,000 workflows, 84,000 SmartObjects, and 11,000 forms.

A global telecom provider that uses Nintex K2, for example, has built 675+ workflows, 2,000+ forms, and 8,000+ SmartObjects in the cloud, allowing for quick and easy scalability with a minimal cost-to-profit ratio. Business leaders with no development background are now able to be regular contributors on the platform and rollouts that used to take months now have a turnaround time of just a few weeks.

A major U.S. university has also built over 6,400 workflows, forms, and SmartObjects using Nintex K2 Cloud. Users of all experience levels can now contribute to the Nintex K2 platform, which helps free up the previously-backlogged IT team. The university has been able to build applications to help with activities like dorm room selection, dorm roommate matching, and more. The campus police also use the platform to create apps around incident responses and shift scheduling.

Cloud usage is gaining momentum within public sectors too, as more teams are turning toward it to improve ROI and drive growth.

“[Nintex] K2 Cloud fit with our charter of ever-improving fiscal responsibility as it enabled us to minimize IT costs and administrative overhead,” said a Systems Analyst at a large public-school system that uses Nintex K2. “The robust functionality of their offering continues to provide us with excellent workflow capabilities.”

Nintex K2’s cloud-based process automation platform is equally as robust as the on-premises Nintex K2 Five platform but has the added benefit of more frequent updates. This offers customers the ability to use a fully functional, best-of-breed digital process automation platform with the additional perks the cloud offers, including elasticity, fault tolerance, and predictability.

Leaders are increasingly looking to the cloud for accelerated growth opportunities in their business, and customers are using cloud apps that range from better health and safety checks in hotels and commercial buildings to a general app platform for workflows and forms that can replace and modernize legacy applications.

By providing integration into top vendors in exciting technology spaces such as robotic process automation and AI/ML capabilities, Nintex K2 Cloud continues to drive momentum and provide customers with cutting-edge solutions. The potential for uplift will only continue to grow, with more features and integrations soon to be provided within the Nintex K2 Cloud platform.



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