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4 ways citizen developers can benefit your business

Technology innovation has given employees some powerful tools to swiftly solve workflow problems. Specifically, low-code and no-code software have enabled the emergence of so-called citizen developers who can create automated workflows that solve business problems themselves, without having to wait on IT.

Here we focus on four of the biggest benefits they bring.

1. Reducing the burden on your IT department

Businesses are always seeking to modernize and automate their business processes. Traditionally, IT departments have shouldered the burden of developing and deploying applications to do this. However, IT departments often lack the time and resources to address more than the most pressing projects.

Empowering line-of-business citizen developers to create their own business applications relieves this pressure, enabling more processes to be automated more quickly and giving “local experts” the power to solve issues themselves.

Research shows that 80% of organizations have seen the benefits of citizen developers and given their IT departments more breathing room. Since citizen developers typically have spent their careers working within their line of business, they often have a nuanced grasp of processes. Who better to understand how best to improve a workflow than the people on the front lines?

2. Enabling business agility

Business agility is an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to internal and external changes while remaining flexible to market and customer demands. Four in five executives told Forbes that agility is the most important characteristic of a successful organization. Increased competition, market fluctuations, and new technological innovations force businesses to respond faster than ever.

Here are some of the benefits of business agility:

  • Quickly spot clunky or broken applications and processes
  • Faster application deployment
  • Faster innovation
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved employee morale

Dedicated citizen developers can deal with problems immediately instead of sitting tight and hoping IT find time to help. They can minimize the time between identifying issues and solving them.

3. Engaging your workforce

Research shows that about one-third of American workers are engaged with their jobs—and the number is on the rise in the last year or two. However, less-than-satisfied employees still cost businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity. When you consider the angst they spread in the workplace, the advantages of prioritizing employee engagement are clear.

Check out these statistics:

  • Engaged employees were 43% more productive
  • Three-quarters of 4,300 employees said the lack of developmental opportunities stopped them from reaching their full potential
  • 56% of HR managers considered training and development as essential business enablers

Employees want to engage but say they’re frustrated by a lack of opportunity for personal and professional development. Empower your workers by leveraging the citizen developer role. Hand them the tools to build solutions to their own problems. Seeing their business application deployed and watching the results in real time will boost their morale, motivation, and sense of being included.

4. Empowering your employees

Another benefit of enabling citizen developers is the empowerment your employees will get from solving problems or improving processes. This enables them to get to the root of problems faster, enabling them to get their work done faster and more easily, and fostering autonomy.

When you empower employees to develop their own business applications on a managed software platform it provides both sophistication and security. You can transform tech-savvy employees into citizen developers, which is a great move for your entire organization.

Choose Nintex and reap the benefits of citizen developers

Nintex is a no-code software solution that gives the line of business workers the power to use their pre-existing knowledge to map and automate the processes they work with every day. They can discover where bottlenecks hinder progress across a whole range of everyday tasks and projects, which processes are running well, and eliminate redundant applications and workflows.

Nintex ensures that your business applications and workflow processes are consistent and compliant and gives you the visibility to easily change and improve individual processes – all while empowering citizen developers, boosting morale, and reducing costs.


If you want to learn how to start growing citizen developers in your organization, get in touch with Nintex today.



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