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Channel Survey: Cloud Migration and Process Automation are Top Priority

One of the best parts of my job is meeting Nintex customers and partners and hearing the innovative ways they are using Nintex technology to solve business challenges.

Last month I attended Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C. and met may of our channel partners (who are also Microsoft partners). From a communications perspective, we wanted to use the event as an opportunity to learn what is top of mind for channel partners and what trends they are seeing in their customers’ businesses.

To do this, I built a multi-question survey on Nintex Workflow Cloud in a matter of minutes.


Of those Inspire attendees surveyed,  58 percent are Nintex partners. Building it was easy; the hard part was coming up with the questions. Like with most surveys, we brainstormed questions and settled on three topics, listed with their results below:

1.  Technology Priorities – Results

Everyone surveyed cited demand for digital process automation, with 70 percent rating the level of demand for automation solutions in the mid to high range.


Level of Demand Process Automation

One of the main topics of our survey was unsurprisingly identified as the biggest technology of the participants’ customers today – migrating to the cloud representing 49 percent of the responses. Interestingly, in today’s world of digital transformation, going digital was the second most reported priority making up 23 percent of the responses.

Tech Priority

2.  Cloud Migration – Results

Nearly all of respondents reported that their customers are migrating to the cloud. Only one responded that that they aren’t migrating to the cloud, and identified security as the reason.

This was also identified as an obstacle to growing business by nearly 12 percent of respondents.

Overall, 64 percent shared that the average timeline for cloud migration is 12 months or less, with 30 percent saying 6 months or less.

Timeline for Cloud Migration

3.  Third Party Applications – Results

As the leading global provider of workflow and content automation, we know that our customers and partners interact with content and data that lives across several repositories and applications.

We were curious to learn how many that means for most of ours.

The responses for this question were split almost evenly across all three amounts, with most customers using 5-10 or more than 10 applications. For partners, less than 5 was the most common response. (Hopefully because they are using WCA technology to connect their work across multiple applications from one place.)

Third Party Applications - CustomersThird Party Applcations - Partners

The survey identified three noticeable trends within this group of Microsoft partners:

  1.  The demand for digital process automation is high.
  2.  The cloud is a top priority of businesses today.
  3.  Due to the rapid growth and change in technology, work today requires people to interact with numerous applications to do their jobs.


Making the Survey

After we finalized the survey questions I started by creating a list on SharePoint using each question for the columns. This is also where all the responses would be saved.

I then logged into Nintex Workflow Cloud and started creating a new workflow. I named this one “Microsoft Inspire 2017 Survey”. I set the start event to be a Nintex public web form and added my variables, in this case the survey questions.

Once I had all the variables set I designed my form. I added conditional rules to the cloud migrations questions – partners would only be asked the average timeline for cloud migration if they said their customers were migrating, and only asked why if they said they aren’t.

Survey Form - Nintex

My workflow was simple compared to what many can and do build with Nintex technology.

Once I had the form completed, I added the next event – create an item in the SharePoint List. I connected this workflow to my SharePoint environment and the list I created on SharePoint. I then matched my variables from the web form to the columns from the SharePoint List.

Once I hit publish my web form was live and ready to go!

If you were one of our survey participants, thank you for sharing this information with us. We’re excited to see how these trends change over the next year.

A total of 36 Inspire attendees participated in this survey.


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