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Celebrating One Year of Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud®

This month, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud, a powerful forms tool that offers our customers and partners even more value on our cloud platform.

Over the past year, we have added over 50 new features and capabilities, including more than 250 separate changes, improvements, and enhancements. And we are not slowing down!

As you may know, we are also building this form technology to be used in SharePoint, Office 365 and Nintex Mobile. This means that any new features we add to Nintex Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud will also be available on SharePoint and Office 365.

With so many features and enhancements going out every month, it’s easy to miss some of the newest functionalities, so we thought we’d write a quick recap of the highlights.


A digital form is not complete without the basics. All forms require radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, date/time, image, label, number, and text in order to be effective. These were the first simple controls we added.

Along with these controls, we added simple but effective features like Description text, Placeholder text, and Tooltip. These options help your users by guiding them to accurately fill out what is required of them.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Once we completed these controls, we wanted to ensure the data entered was accurate. We added small enhancements like the Email control, Text mask, and Minimum/Maximum numbers.

If your users don’t enter the correct information, it can lead to productivity loses within your organization, making these simple controls crucial to capturing accurate information—the first time. These features have built-in validation rules, so if a user does not enter the correct information within the specified boundaries, the form will show a warning and will not let them submit until they are resolved.

Image of validation rules of Nintex Forms

The product has since expanded from simple controls into more advanced functionality, including the Barcode scanner, File upload control, Signature control, and Geolocation.

We have also made the File Upload control more powerful. We heard your feedback, and you can now dynamically determine if a file is required on the control using the rules engine. You can also limit the file types and the number of files that can be attached to the form. And with this control, you can also drag files onto the form to upload them, saving time and effort.

Image of accepted file types

The newest version of the Signature control in Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud resulted from a shift in our thinking from what we had done in the past.

We heard the feedback that people predominantly collect signatures via mobile devices. However, they also like to collect a signature on a web form and display it either in the form itself, or pass the signature on for document generation (DocGen®).

Now, with our new Signature control, the signature can be collected on a web form or in Nintex Mobile. Once the signature is collected, it generates a file that is displayed on the form and placed into a document using Nintex DocGen®.

Image of e-signature

The Geolocation control has also received an update.

Previously, the Geolocation control would display the latitude and longitude on the web form and leveraged the built-in maps capability of Nintex Mobile. Now, you can include your own Google Maps API key and display a map on the web form as well as in Nintex Mobile – giving a consistent experience across all devices.

Image of Google map

Canvas changes

Over the past year, the design canvas on Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud has received multiple improvements, as well. We now allow resizing of two or more controls in a row, a Space control can be placed to provide padding, and the Multipage feature allows you to build up to ten pages on a form.

Multipage comes with configuration options including the ability to add/delete and rename pages, display pages horizontally or vertically, and even enforce validation per-page or on-submit. This functionality is also available in Nintex Mobile, allowing a user to complete a multi-step process offline on their mobile device.

Image of personal details editing

Style builder

Our new style builder offers a quick and easy way to personalize and brand your form. Update form colors and fonts with clicks and zero CSS. Any changes in the color picker are automatically displayed on the form preview.

This is the first iteration of our style builder, and we continue to enhance the experience. In the future, you will be allowed more granular control over your styles, giving you more flexibility.

Image of Nintex styles

Rules engine

While a simple form can be a big time saver, a dynamic form can make the difference between an overwhelming experience and an enjoyable one. This is why we built our new rules engine – to give you maximum control over the behavior of your form.

With the rules engine in Nintex Forms, you can create a customized experience and ensure that your users see the right fields at the right time.

Create complex ‘AND/OR’ logic with multiple controls with a few clicks—not code. Once your logic is done, we can then affect multiple controls within one rule. In fact, you can change up to fifteen controls within a single rule.

The rule can change any property of any control, be it Visible, Required, Read Only, or even the Tooltip—if you can set it, you can change it, dynamically.

Further, you also have the ability to include ELSE conditions in your rules. So now the rule structure follows an IF, THEN, ELSE logic. If a condition in the rule builder is true, it will execute the THEN logic. When the IF logic is not true, then the ELSE logic will take effect. This is useful when you want to set or clear a field based on selections on the form.

Image of On form input

Action panel

The Action panel is the section at the bottom of the form used for form submit actions. This includes the ability to include Google reCAPTCHA and redirect to another page.

When your form is included on a public website, it is exposed to potential risks of spam and abuse. By enabling Google reCAPTCHA, you can limit exposure and ensure the correct information is collected into your systems.

When the form is submitted, you can either use our success page, or you can host your own success page and redirect to a preferred URL to ensure your users’ experience aligns with your corporate brand.

Image of Action panel

Task forms

Naturally, this wouldn’t be a Nintex product without great integration between Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. This is where we Task Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud comes into play.

Task Forms allow you to send a task to a participant, collect information, and continue the workflow with the collected data. The task can be displayed on the web, or in Nintex Mobile for offline use.

Image of task assigning


As our new Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud technology has been built from the ground up, we have held ourselves to extremely high standards of quality and performance.

We have looked at our current experiences along with new and emerging technologies to bring you our fastest, most powerful forms tools to date.

As an example, a current form using 104 load rules, 224 input rules, 589 controls and 10 pages loads in an amazing 2.51 seconds. And when using the same form in preview, the form will load in less than 1 second, allowing you to test your form almost immediately.

We continue to build and test against large and complex forms to ensure we are building the best forms performance for our customers’ needs.


We have come a long way with our new Nintex Forms engine, and have a lot more features planned. Thank you for joining us on this journey to deliver the best digital, cloud-based forms tools possible. It’s been a great year of innovation, and we can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves in the next 12 months.


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Euan Gamble

Euan Gamble is passionate about forms technology. He joined Nintex in 2015 and is currently a Nintex Product Manager based in Melbourne, Australia.

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