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Why Nintex Is One of the Best Workplaces in the UK

November 17, 2017, Author: Elise Harrington

Great Place to Work is a global institution and consultancy that performs annual reviews of workplaces across the world. For the first time, they have ranked the Best Workplaces in IT for 2017 in the UK, recognizing 31 of the best organizations to work for in the sector. All of […]


5 Lessons Learned from Nintex Accounting Director Irina Zaharia

October 17, 2017, Author: Su Choi

Irina Zaharia serves as Nintex’s accounting director, where she has held the role for three years, and is the proud mother of three. Following her move from Russia, she pursued a degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of British Columbia, and jumped into the world of public accounting. […]

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Lessons Learned From Nintex Vice President of Information Technology Justin Donato

September 15, 2017, Author: An Nguyen

Downtown Bellevue basks in the orange sunset and almost everyone has left the office for the day. Everyone except Justin Donato, Nintex’s vice president of Information Technology. “Good morning,” he greets his Melbourne team, whose day just started. Justin adjusts the volume on his triple-screened computer and begins the conference call. […]


Best Practices in Creating a Summer Intern Program

September 5, 2017, Author: Kristin Treat

This summer Nintex welcomed our first-ever editorial team comprised of interns to support the company’s digital marketing efforts, specifically to create content for the Nintex Blog and to be shared across social channels. Our team of eight college-aged interns affectionately referred to themselves as “The Ninterns”… and the name stuck. […]

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Advancing Women in Technology

August 15, 2017, Author: Laavanya Kathiresen

In 2016 women represented 59 percent of the workforce, but on average only represent 30 percent of the workforce at major technology companies. As the technology sector continues to grow, statistics highlight that women remain underrepresented for a variety of reasons. However in today’s post, and as a director of […]