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Get to Know a VIP: Sales Discount Approval Process

July 21, 2017, Author: Phil Luong

Our Very Important Process (VIP) series has been exploring how essential organizational procedures—such as the sales discount approval process—can be made more effective and efficient. VIPs are all those essential processes which your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. The sales discount approval process is among the most […]

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Get to Know a VIP: Onboarding New Hires

July 14, 2017, Author: Karina Mounivong

One of the major tasks of HR departments is onboarding new hires. This is a mainstay for any HR department and brings many tasks and business strands together to make up the overall process. For members of the HR team there is a lot to think about. HR must liaise […]

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Get to Know a VIP: The Press Release Approval Process

July 7, 2017, Author: Kristin Treat

This is the second installment in our ‘Very Important Process’ (VIP) series, in which we look at some of the most important processes across different business departments. Today, we’re exploring the press release process. Much like a ‘Very Important Person’, very important processes are often given special treatment due to […]

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Give Your VIP the Star Treatment with Help from the Automation Experts

July 5, 2017, Author: Dan Stoll

It doesn’t take automation experts to know that almost any organization is run on multiple processes of complexity. Internally and externally, your business relies on the interaction of your employees with each other, with current and potential customers and with multiple tech platforms and solutions. There’s a process for pretty […]