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Q&A with Nintex vTE Marty Harris

by Haley Burton

Marty Harris, and Principal Consultant at Nintex partner Ignia is a valued Nintex Virtual Technical Evangelist (vTE). vTEs are accredited members of the Nintex community recognized for their expertise with Nintex…

Five Takeaways from Intelligent Automation Week

by Matthew Hutchison

This week Nintex participated in Intelligent Automation Week (IAW) in Chicago. The speakers were insightful and inspiring, and there were many opportunities to engage with attendees who were anxious to…

5 Project Management Pitfalls to Avoid

by Gary Kamikawa

Some surprises are fun–like finding $20 in your coat pocket.  But most surprises in business are best avoided. For example, no one wants to be surprised by cost overruns or…