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Did You Know: Get and Store files on SharePoint Online Using Nintex Workflow Cloud

February 13, 2018, Author: Mohammed Qattan

We have a new connector that enables interaction between Nintex Workflow Cloud and SharePoint Online (part of Nintex Workflow for Office 365). You can now use Nintex Workflow Cloud to create a publicly available form, then log all the information in a list in SharePoint Online. Also, you can run […]

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Did You Know: Upgrading Office 365 Store-Based Actions to Use Connections

February 7, 2018, Author: Lisa Tam

The long-awaited Connection Manager is now available! Ready to help streamline credential management in workflow design, Connection Manager ensures that credentials are secure, easy and efficient. To take advantage of the new Connection Manager straightaway, we’ve simplified the process by upgrading our Office 365 Store based actions (see this help file for […]

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What’s New: Govern Connection Creation and Usage with Connection Manager

February 7, 2018, Author: Rick De Marco

With the introduction of Connection Manager, you now have complete flexibility about how you create, use, and manage connections across all your workflows. As you may have already read, the new Connection Manager gives workflow designers, site owners and administrators a way to create a centralized and updatable set of […]

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What’s New: Connection Manager for SharePoint Online

February 7, 2018, Author: Brad Orluk

One of the most sought-after features for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 has been the classic feature in our on-premises offering (Nintex Workflow for SharePoint) that lets workflow designers securely store credentials for connector actions (such as DocuSign send document, Office 365 Create Item, Salesforce update record, to name just […]

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Did You Know: Component Groups in DocGen for Salesforce

February 6, 2018, Author: Alex Manning

Component Groups: What are they, where are they, and how can they make life easier? Component Groups are part of the Nintex DocGen for Salesforce solution. The best description is that they are similar to a “clause library.” Within the Component Group object, which is part of the DocGen package […]