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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce – Enterprise Process Automation for the Modern Workplace

March 20, 2018, Author: Sam Sysum

At Nintex xchange 2018 last month, I had the pleasure of presenting with Nintex Director of Engineering Tracy Powell to demonstrate how Nintex for Salesforce makes it easy to automate virtually any business process, all without leaving Salesforce. As technology advancements continue to disrupt industry after industry, the dynamics of […]


3 Common Breakpoints in the Contract Approval Process Flow

February 19, 2018, Author: Joshua Tan

There are plenty of contract types that organizations must deal with all the time. Each contract must go through a specific process that usually involves numerous stakeholders and is rife with potential barriers to productivity. As it plays an important role in most business transactions, making the contract approval process […]


Improving Your Business Process Efficiency with Agile Workflows

November 30, 2017, Author: Phil Ray

Many organizations are obsessed with the speed of their business processes. But the change in today’s enterprise is more centered around customer expectations, technological advancements and market shifts. Businesses that want to remain competitive need to be able to adapt to these changes. And that requires business process agility over […]

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The Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Retail

November 21, 2017, Author: Matt Fleckenstein

While it is clear that we have entered the era of artificial intelligence, most industries have not even begun to understand the profound impact this technology can (and is) having on their businesses. One of the industries that is leading the way in terms of applying AI to their industry […]

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Did You Know: To Log or Not to Log, That Is the Question

September 7, 2017, Author: Patrick Hosch

“Log in the History List” is extremely helpful in debugging and evaluating your workflow. But it can cause a fair bit of trouble, particularly on-premises, if it’s not used properly. I thought it’d be helpful to summarize why you’d use “Log in the History List” and what to do to […]