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Process Automation is the Heart of Digital Transformation

March 19, 2018, Author: admin

Successful businesses today understand that having a digital transformation strategy is imperative. But what does that look like in practice? And how can enterprises launch a strategy that gives them the competitive edge? In a joint presentation at Nintex xchange, Rob Koplowitz of Forrester and Kimberly Morrison of European-based transport […]

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Six Ways to Put Nintex Xtensions to Work within Your Workplace

March 16, 2018, Author: Mike Lewis

No two businesses are exactly alike. In fact, in today’s digital workplace multiple combinations of applications are fueling our companies. That is because digital transformation has given birth to a magnificent and diverse industry of cloud-based SaaS solutions designed to empower lines of business to enhance just about every business process […]

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How ServiceMax from GE Digital and Nintex Digitally Transform Field Service Management

March 14, 2018, Author: Jim Roberson

At Nintex xchange 2018, Jim Roberson presented a session with Blake Wolff, ServiceMax SVP of Services and Alliances, on how ServiceMax, together with Nintex, is automating, orchestrating, and optimizing critical field processes such as scheduling, dispatching and routing, field invoicing, signature capture, and technician enablement. Digital transformation is coming for […]

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Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize: Sales to Cash

March 13, 2018, Author: Andrew Swanson

Digital transformation is everywhere in the modern age of business. Despite the possibilities, we’ve seen high-profile digital transformation efforts fail time and time again. Therefore the term ‘digital transformation’ can often be met with apprehension when enterprises begin the process. At Nintex, we believe digital transformation is a destination, not a […]

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Best and Worst Practices for Design: Workflow, Forms, and More

March 8, 2018, Author: Daniel Burke

During my Nintex xchange session last month in San Diego, I shared best practice tips for designing and deploying Nintex Workflows and Nintex Forms. Today’s most successful enterprises understand that to remain competitive, they need to identify and eliminate inefficient processes. Whether it’s a retail store looking to jettison its […]