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5 Breakpoints in Compliance That Automation Can Resolve

November 13, 2017, Author: admin

adminNintex is the world leader in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA). Read our blog to learn about our newest innovations and how to get started on your own digital transformation journey.

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Supporting Conservation with Document Generation

October 29, 2017, Author: Jim Roberson

After being scared off by a villager’s hunting dogs, one infant orangutan was abandoned by his mother, another was found orphaned by a river, and a third was discovered at a palm oil plantation that had once been her lush forest home. Jumbo, Valentino and Cinta, as they were later […]

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End the Copy/Paste Horror Story

August 22, 2017, Author: Aaron Shook

The Plot If you’re like many of the businesses I’ve worked with or for, your organization spends an inordinate amount of time copying and pasting text from various sources into document templates. Need a proposal? Pull out the proposal template and copy/paste text from a bunch of sources into the […]

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10 Business Processes You Might Not Know You Can Automate

August 18, 2017, Author: Dan Barker

Let’s face it – everyone working in the corporate world has spent valuable time on mundane tasks they’d rather not perform. Whether it’s manually entering data at the end of a long day, or checking your email constantly to make sure you haven’t missed a message in an important thread, […]

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5 Paper-Based Business Processes Everyone Forgets About

August 11, 2017, Author: Kim Albrecht

One lesson businesses have learned in the last few years is that not much can come from a “sneaker net.” Shuffling paperwork and waiting on approvals wastes a lot of time and can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. When business was predominantly done on paper, mailrooms used to […]