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Why You Should Automate the Sales Process

January 15, 2018, Author: Galen Rodgers

The sales funnel is a framework that helps sales and marketing teams turn potential customers into leads and eventually into paying customers and clients. But modern buying trends have re-shaped the sales funnel. 67% of the buyer journey is now done digitally, for starters, while B2B buyers are typically 57% […]

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Why DocuSign Integration with Workflow Software is Essential

January 4, 2018, Author: Dan Stoll

DocuSign integration with workflow software is allowing organizations across all industries to improve the customer experience and boost productivity. Let’s see why. When DocuSign first appeared, it was revolutionary. No longer did you need to lose half an hour printing out a document, signing it, scanning it, and then returning […]

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Automate Repetitive Tasks That Every Office Worker Hates

December 19, 2017, Author: admin

When this mock GoPro ad went viral a couple of years ago, it clearly struck a nerve with frustrated office workers. The video, set to electronic dance music that normally accompanies GoPro footage of extreme sports like surfing or bungee jumping, shows the far less extreme daily routine of a […]

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5 Breakpoints in Compliance That Automation Can Resolve

November 13, 2017, Author: admin

adminNintex is the world leader in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA). Read our blog to learn about our newest innovations and how to get started on your own digital transformation journey.

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Supporting Conservation with Document Generation

October 29, 2017, Author: Jim Roberson

After being scared off by a villager’s hunting dogs, one infant orangutan was abandoned by his mother, another was found orphaned by a river, and a third was discovered at a palm oil plantation that had once been her lush forest home. Jumbo, Valentino and Cinta, as they were later […]