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3 Key Ways to Make Your Relationships With Suppliers Better Than Ever

February 15, 2018, Author: admin

Managing your relationships with suppliers via supplier relationship management (SRM) is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your organization can run at an optimal level. By enabling closer, more collaborative and efficient relationships with your main suppliers you can maximize the value for all parties involved. This can […]

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Modern Workforce and How Workflow Automation Helps

January 24, 2018, Author: admin

This blog post is based on the webinar by Ryan Duguid, Nintex SVP of Technology Strategy, and Chris Marsh, 451 Research Director on January 11th, 2018. The Modern Workplace Has Unique Characteristics The nature of the workplace is changing, and the enterprise is adapting to meet new challenges and profit […]

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6 Reasons You Must Automate Renewal Management

January 3, 2018, Author: Andrew Swanson

The cost of acquiring new customers is said to be as much as ten times the cost of retaining existing customers. And that’s why customer renewal management for your products or services is so important. While a lot of sales and marketing is focused on generating new leads, renewal management […]

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Best of 2017: Nintex Blog

December 29, 2017, Author: Elise Harrington

Throughout 2017, the Nintex Blog has featured product news, digital transformation topics, industry trends and more. This blog post will mark our 179th and final blog post of 2017! We are excited to kick off 2018 and share even more with you in the coming year. But first, let’s look […]

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Connecting Patients, Doctors, and Companies Through Hospital Workflow Processes

December 27, 2017, Author: admin

The move away from paper-based processes has benefitted hospitals and healthcare organizations immensely. Digitizing patient records has improved the flow of information and the efficiency with which tasks are completed, speeding up patient care. But hospitals are extremely complex ecosystems. Simply using digital tools for the method of storing and […]