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How Cloud-Based Workflow is Shaking Up Enterprise Software

October 27, 2017, Author: Dan Barker

Business and technology leaders alike have been leading a steady, increasing, and deliberate movement to shift to working on the cloud. While data used to live predominantly in software deployed to company data centers, we now see more and more businesses and software services being offered as cloud services – […]

Cloud, Workflow and Content Automation

Nintex Brings Award-Winning Process Automation to Box Customers

October 12, 2017, Author: John Burton

Today I’m pleased to share that we unveiled Nintex Workflow for BoxTM, a new app the allows Box customers to easily automate processes from within their familiar Box environments. Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide have standardized on Box’s secure cloud content management platform to share, access and collaborate on […]

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What is the Future of Workflow Automation?

September 13, 2017, Author: Zoe Clelland

Technological innovation is rapidly shaping the way we live and work. Workflow automation is one such innovation, now at the heart of how many operate. Although the concept of workflow has been around for a long time, it started to tap into its automation capabilities in the 1980s. Workflow automation […]

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The Evolution and Future of Workflow Automation

September 7, 2017, Author: admin

adminThe Nintex Blog editorial team is committed to sharing best practices and ideas for enterprise organizations who want to automate, orchestrate, and optimize business processes. Please share your feedback with us including suggestions for future posts. Email the team at

Cloud, Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

Do More with Nintex in the Cloud: Cloud Workflow Automation Solutions

September 7, 2017, Author: Lachlan Ainley

Process automation is helping organizations define what digital transformation means for their business. But rather than focusing on large BPM implementations that can take months and often occur in a black box, businesses are leveraging the agility offered by emerging cloud solutions. Nintex’s workflow solutions support customers in defining this […]