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Are Inefficient Processes to Blame for Shadow IT?

April 16, 2018, Author: Patrick Nguyen

A Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes from Nintex provides unique insight into the ways inefficient processes are hindering organizations. Download the report today. As employees, we often search for the quickest path to success. This can enable high levels of productivity, but when dealing with broken or inefficient processes, […]

Best Practices, Process Automation

Process Documentation is Key to Great Workflows

April 9, 2018, Author: Chris Ellis

Process documentation is a vital step in any business process. It helps you to visualize the steps involved in a process and what it should look like as a workflow. From there, you can more easily and successfully build an automated version of the workflow. We recommend using an intelligent workflow […]

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Data Privacy – The Importance of a Security Conscious Workplace

March 30, 2018, Author: Patrick Nguyen

How often do you update and clean out your electronic devices, computers, and cloud storage accounts? If you said “rarely,” you’re not alone. Advancements in digital storage and server technology have made it easier than ever for both individuals and businesses to collect and share data. But unused and obsolete […]

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Discover More About Nintex Mobile and the Mobile App Studio

March 20, 2018, Author: Andrew Glasser

Having hosted a session at last year’s Nintex conference, I was excited to return this year for a more specific ‘deep dive’ into the features, functionality, and benefits of Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio™. Make Your Processes Mobile A business’s digital transformation journey revolves around connecting workers to the […]

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Tips for Designing Workflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud

March 15, 2018, Author: Joshua Tan

I was pleased to present at Nintex xchange 2018 last month to provide conference attendees with an update on Nintex Workflow Cloud, including the latest features and best practices for successful automation. Since our launch of Nintex Workflow Cloud, there have been thousands of workflows designed and published. During my session […]