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Don’t Ignore That Broken Process Within Your Organization

January 17, 2018, Author: Kristin Treat

A broken process can cause lengthy delays in getting assignments, from easy to sophisticated, done. But when that broken process is repeated countless times across your organization, over many years, your organization’s productivity can take a major hit. Every time it takes 20 minutes to get a password reset, every time […]

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The Influence of Digital Natives on Your Business IT Strategy

December 11, 2017, Author: Patrick Nguyen

There’s a lot of hyperbole about the ‘ever-changing enterprise’ and how it should shape your business IT strategy. But there’s also truth to be found in such statements. Take the people who populate the enterprise: millennials became the largest generation in the American workforce back in 2015, and it’s expected […]

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Automated Workflows Can Help IT Staff Support the Digital Workplace

December 4, 2017, Author: Patrick Nguyen

Powerful automated workflows can improve many IT processes. Not only can this help IT staff support the digital workplace, but it also removes the need to work on repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on more value-adding work. The Role of IT in the Digital Workplace Here are three ways […]

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The Opportunity of Automating the Reference Checking Process

November 27, 2017, Author: Andrew Swanson

Reference checking is one of the most important HR processes. If references are not checked correctly, the ‘least bad’ outcome might be an embarrassment for your business and the new employee. The worst outcome is that, by hiring certain individuals to certain jobs, you may even be committing a felony. […]

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5 Ways Your Business Benefits from a Contract Lifecycle Management System

November 15, 2017, Author: Andrew Swanson

No matter what the specialty of your business is, you probably enter a number of contracts every day. These contracts could bind suppliers and purchases or create legal bonds. The greater the number of active contracts you have, the more revenue you generate. But, are you managing these contracts in […]