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How Earning a Nintex Certificate Can Benefit You

Take Practice Exams. Choose a Track. Test Your Knowledge.

Ever wish there was a way for Nintex to recognize your skills at using our platform? Want an official Nintex certificate that proves why you’re the subject matter expert on Nintex for your organization? Are you a partner looking for a way to stand out from the competition and impress prospective customers?

We’re giving customers and partners the chance to earn Nintex certificates for free in the Nintex Learning Center. We created the learning center to complement the Nintex Connect community site and offer up-to-date training on using the Nintex platform to solve business challenges.

Nintex Technical Training Manager Erick Weitkamp developed the Nintex certificate program because he wanted Nintex users to be able to demonstrate their knowledge.

“Basically, it’s a way of proving you know what you’re doing, that you’re skilled at this,” Erick says. “The goal of our tests is we wanted people who are good at our stuff to be able to turn to their manager and say, ‘Not only have I studied this but I got a certificate.’ “

New Technical Evangelist Aaron Labiosa, who specializes in Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, is excited that one of the certificates is especially tailored to document generation customers and partners.

“I know that people are using document generation to help their organizations in countless ways,” Aaron says. “I’m happy that the people behind these success stories can show their know-how and earn a certificate just for them.”

Access the certificate exams on the Nintex Learning Center either via Nintex Partner Central at https://partner.nintex.com/ (partners) or directly at https://learning.nintex.com/ (customers).

What Certificates Can You Earn?

Earning a Nintex certificate involves answering multiple-choice questions on a particular area of Nintex expertise. Depending on the certificate, the test – and respective practice test – pulls from a pool of 100 to 150 questions.

Erick designed the tests so people can take them whenever they want. The material covered is applicable and challenging. And that last point is by design.

“Most people take two tries to pass it,” he says. “We want people to pass but we want it to be meaningful. I don’t want it to be a gimme but don’t want it to be the select, the proud, the few.”

We currently offer three Nintex certificates:

  • Nintex Workflow Pro: Demonstrate your skills at building workflows
  • Nintex Workflow Admin: Show that you can effectively manage Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms
  • Nintex Drawloop Document Generation: Verify your expertise at automating the process of populating documents with Salesforce data
  • Coming Soon: We’ll add more certificates based on interest but a Nintex Workflow Dev certificate is a possibility.


How a Partner Can Benefit from a Nintex Certificate

For Premier partners, Nintex requires that a minimum of two people within the company earn Nintex certificates.

Beyond that, Premier partners – as well as Certified and Registered partners – can benefit from the opportunity to demonstrate their investment in the Nintex platform, and their Nintex credibility with prospective customers, Erick says.

Stefanie Sloper of Intelogy, a UK-based Microsoft partner and Nintex partner since 2008, has been using Nintex products for seven years and says it’s been “really satisfying” to have her knowledge and experience recognized by earning Nintex Workflow Pro and Nintex Workflow Admin certificates.

The tests were straightforward and even though she’s used the Nintex platform for years, she was excited to learn a few tips and tricks from the training videos on the Nintex Learning Center.

“I feel like I’m quite knowledgeable with the products,” Stefanie says. “It was quite nice to have that cemented by having a proper certificate show I know my stuff. It’s an acknowledgment. It’s a warm feeling.

“I think it means even more for customers,” she says. “There’s normally at least one person at the client side who wants to have a go and change the workflow themselves. They can say to their peers, ‘I’ve earned a certificate and I’m happy to take on updating the workflow.’ It probably looks good to their boss.”


How a Customer Can Benefit from a Nintex Certificate

SharePoint developer and writer Stephan Onisick earned both Nintex Workflow Pro and Nintex Workflow Admin certificates. He took the tests as a chance to gain more knowledge about workflow and as a way to document his proficiency with it.

Working with Nintex Workflow for nine months and taking the prep test gave him enough information to pass the Nintex Workflow Pro exam. The Nintex Workflow Admin test was more challenging and he had to study additional training material to pass.

He appreciates that Nintex offers the certificates.

“I think it’s great for creating interest in the product,” he says. “It’s also a way of finding out who’s really interested in the product. Kind of a superuser’s group.”


Visit the Nintex Learning Center for more information on our certificate program, and for training courses and videos to help you prepare for the exam. Access the Nintex Learning Center either via Nintex Partner Central at https://partner.nintex.com/ (partners) or directly at https://learning.nintex.com/ (customers).