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Business critical insights into digital transformation, RPA, process automation and more

As the calendar year-end nears, now is an ideal time to reflect on some of the new programs we introduced at Nintex to help organizations worldwide transform the way people work.

Mid-last year our Nintex team launched an informative new Leadership Insights podcast where I engage in lively conversations with industry thought leaders and our global Nintex community members including customers and partners.

We also published a series of eight thought-provoking papers designed to help senior leaders like you transform your businesses faster, better serve the needs of your employees and customers, and make wise purchasing decisions when it comes to automation software.

Every paper is available for download here.

Our podcast series came about when we recognized the need for more leadership dialogue around digital transformation, process governance and process excellence as well as broader industry topics whether it’s change management or how to best engage your channel partners. The goal of the series is to broadcast more conversations so all of us can hear business critical insights from experienced leaders.

To date, I’ve hosted five episodes and will host our sixth episode with 451 Research’s Carl Lehmann, a senior research analyst, who will share his firm’s latest insights into total automation with us.

Looking further ahead to 2022, we have a great line-up of guests and will cover timely topics for business leaders across every industry.

And I’m proud to say that I’ve learned something new during every episode this past year.

Leadership Insights Podcast highlights

We love to receive feedback from our listeners including what Victoria D’Auria shared on LinkedIn in this review of our Leadership Insights podcast.

Below we have also compiled our favorite moments and quotes from the first five podcast episodes.

I encourage you to listen to as many of these episodes as you can – just click on the links below.

Episode 5
Generate more revenue with a co-sell program

In the latest episode, Nintex VP of Sales in the Asia Pacific, Christian Lucarelli and I discussed the advantage of co-selling between partners and software vendors to provide better results for customers.

Christian said, “It’s not just a one-off, you know, engagement with a customer. It’s finding those repeatable solutions that together as a vendor and also a partner can actually take to market and scale for the benefit of any of industry or customer.”

Episode 4
Converging eSignature and content automation

In late November, I caught up with Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy for episode four. We talked about the advantage of combining various forms of automation to achieve digital transformation. Aragon Research predicts that 70% of business processes are still heavily dependent on paper – which means we all have a huge opportunity to boost efficiency with automation.

On a brighter note, Aragon estimates that what is now 70% used to be 90% of business processes that were heavily dependent on paper. We’ve come a long way but there’s definitely more organizations can do to eliminate paper-based processes.

Episode 3
Change management and process automation adoption

Earlier in November, for the third episode, I met with Kathie Topel who is a director at Protiviti, a global technology consulting firm and valued Nintex partner. Kathie and I discussed best practices to help accelerate the adoption of process automation solutions – even if the project involves those who are the most resistant to change.

Kathie said, “Statistics from Gartner actually show that 15-20% of the budget for an implementation should be allocated to support the people-change side. And this investment can be worth 50% of the value to avoid things like lack of adoption, budget overruns, and decrease and productivity.”

Then she shared some great change management advice such as, “The key is identifying the stakeholder map to understand which areas will be impacted. The stakeholder map includes identifying the critical stakeholders –the ones truly responsible for the change. And then identifying who are your key influencers – those that are going to lead the areas that will be impacted. And then of course, there’s the impacted stakeholders – the ones whose daily responsibilities will be altered in some way due to the change.”

In summary, change management requires clear communication with all people involved in the process.

Episode 2
The future of process automation

For the second episode of the podcast, in late October, I sat down with the Cloud Wars Creator Bob Evans. We talked about exciting updates from our respective organizations, including the announcement of Nintex’s new majority investor, TPG.

For decades, Bob has been deeply analyzing software solutions in the cloud and following the biggest SaaS providers like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Oracle, Google, and more. We shared our predictions for the future of automation and IT business processes.

Episode 1
How to avoid misleading SaaS sales tactics

In the very first episode of the Nintex Leadership Insights podcast, I was joined by Ben Brewer, who was formerly our CRO and was announced president of our global go-to-market in November 2021 following the announcement of TPG as our new majority investor.

In the episode, Ben and I discussed how to avoid misleading sales tactics and Ben also shared some strategies for buyers who are looking to acquire new SaaS technology. We talked about an old analogy that I appreciate, which is that it’s better to be a rabbit than an alligator. Would you rather work with a seller who has a big mouth and small ears like an alligator, or would you rather work with a salesperson with big ears and a small mouth? Someone that is actually listening to you and understanding your problems is in a much better position to help you solve them.

The future of the Nintex Leadership Insights podcast

As I said before, we’re getting ready to launch even more Leadership Insights podcasts in 2022 so please stay tuned for more. We hope these insights help you reach infinity and beyond.



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Eric Johnson

Nintex CEO Eric Johnson has more than two decades of financial and operational experience at mid- and large-sized software companies, previously serving as Nintex CFO from 2014-2018. He has a passion for customer success and ensuring Nintex is a great place to work.

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