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Building the Business Case for Performance Support and Other Hot Topics

We had the pleasure of attending the eLearning Guild’s annual Performance Support Symposium in Austin, Texas last week.  It was a great show and we had the opportunity to attend a number of highly informative, thought-provoking sessions led by some of the industry’s most renowned leaders, as well as presenting some fabulous sessions of our own (thank you to everyone that attended!).

As we talked and listened, a common question kept popping up again and again: How do you build the business case for performance support?

By now, all of us in learning and development know that performance support is the cat’s meow, but how do we get the message across to the remaining organization so that they can get as excited as we are and opt-in?  The answer: Show them the money!

Is performance support a great tool for training? Yes.  Is it an incredible learning solution? Yes.  Does it work wonders for onboarding? Yes. Do stakeholders and business operations care about any of that?  Well, quite frankly, no.  They care about ROI, KPIs and bottom line business results.  Quite simply, they care about the money.

And therein lays the L&D challenge for the coming year – to tailor and build the case for performance support so that it speaks their language.  Once they hear what we have to say, we are quite sure that they will understand the value and share in our enthusiasm.

To get you started, we have put together some great pointers in our recent blog post, 5 Sales Performance Challenges Easily Solved with Performance Support

For those of you who missed the event – or want to relive the experience – you can access our presentations from the show at the links below:

Evaluating the Efficacy of a Performance Support Solution – with Time Warner Cable

Performance Support: It’s All About the Bottom Line – with Deluxe Corp.

Learning Moves the Needle on Business Results – with Time Warner Cable

Let us know what steps you plan on taking to build your case for performance support.  We are happy to help and answer any questions.



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