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Digital transformation – IT leaders must connect with every line of business

An interconnected IT department results in an organization with more productive employees, meetings, operations, and so on.  For too long, we’ve witnessed the isolation of IT departments from the rest of the business, so why was IT ever isolated from the business?

An isolated IT department can be caused by a variety of reasons:

  • A lack of understanding of the value business-oriented IT can deliver
  • A fear of the unknown among line of business (LOB) execs
  • Short-sighted CIOs who couldn’t see past their precious infrastructure
  • An awful but widely held philosophy stating that “the CIO’s job is to align IT with the business.”

Let’s take a moment and dive further into the last reason why “aligning IT with the business” is a limiting statement. “Aligning” something suggests that it is inherently excluded from the group. Implying that IT is not part of the business, but instead is some disconnected blob that must somehow try to align with the rest of the group.

Building bridges to and from IT

Now let’s explore how to speed up the business by building bridges with technology now that we know what causes an isolated IT department.

We are experiencing a booming trend toward process automation across organizations – helping them to not only accelerate operations but also reduce costs, elevate customer experiences, shift good people to higher-value positions, and lay the foundation for new data-driven revenue streams.

But none of those powerful advantages can be gained if turf battles are raging between the business unit looking to optimize processes and the IT department responsible for deploying the tools to make that happen. Unless LOB and IT leaders collaborate on process automation projects, the overall company will find that it’s harder to meet its goals and objectives, it’s harder to dazzle and delight customers, and it’s much harder to establish a culture of continuous process improvement and business optimization.

The power of collaborative process management and automation

From our vantage point at Nintex across more than 10,000 satisfied customers, we’ve seen this story play out in a variety of ways. The technology isn’t the problem, and we know this because hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world have successfully deployed process automation solutions.

Among the tools on the market that help improve collaboration between IT and LOB experts is our visual process mapping and management solution called Nintex Promapp®.

Nintex customer, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, deployed Nintex Promapp® as a central part of its company-wide automation initiative to modernize its business processes by having IT and LOB drive efficiencies across all operations.

Coke Florida had a legacy process repository crammed with more than 600 processes described in a mishmash of PDFs, videos, pictures, and spreadsheets. As the company looked to optimize those processes—or just to gain visibility into them to understand more clearly what was going on across the entire fast-growing company—that repository was hard to use and expensive to maintain.

Coke Florida has now deployed the complete capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform—including workflow, forms, and robotic process automation (RPA)—and Nintex Promapp® to establish an easily accessible repository that provides visibility and control over key processes, encourages collaboration, and increases accountability. Read the full case study here.

About the Leadership Insights series

In our latest series, Leadership Insights, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson shares executive guidance to help you build a successful automation strategy for your team, project, organization, or wherever your mission-critical work happens.  His latest white paper, Bridging the IT and line of business gap or additional Leadership Insights page is likely to be of interest.



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